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Latest Bluetooth Assistive Listening Devices by Amplicomms

We love it when new products packed full of the very latest technology are introduced to the market place. We’re able to select the very best – the ones that are most likely to make a positive impact and add them to our comprehensive portfolio of useful hearing devices. We’ve got two new accessories that we feel deserve a special mention. Both are designed by Amplicomms, a leading manufacture in the development of innovative products for the hearing impaired. The Neckloop and the Headset offer wireless, bluetooth connectivity and a 24-month warranty. Amplicomms TV 2510-NL Wireless TV Listener
Red Box with neckloop in charging unit Amplicomms TV2510 TV Listener
It can be so frustrating, trying to follow your favourite TV program with a room full of other noisy distractions. The idea behind a neckloop like the Amplicomms TV 2510-NL Wireless TV Listener is a simple one. It’s a way of transmitting sound wirelessly to your hearing aids without any fuss. Whether you use one or two hearing devices, as long as they have telecoil settings they will work in the same way. By using a neckloop, distracting environmental noise is largely cut out, sound is clearer with far less interference and there are no wires to trip over. You pair your Bluetooth device to the neckloop, turn your hearing aids to the ‘T’ setting and away you go. With Bluetooth technology, connecting to the hearing world has never been so simple. The neckloop is functional in design. You can answer an incoming call from your mobile, even when you are in the middle of listening to music. A special ‘phone’ button on the receiver is all that is required to connect you instantly to an incoming call. In a similar way, an integrated ‘mic’ button allows you to pick up environmental sound. It’s perfect if you don’t want to miss out on that all-important conversation happening around you. Amplicomms TV 2500 Wireless TV Listener
Stethoscope style headset for wireless listening Amplicom TV2500 Wireless TV Listener
This is an amplified headset that can make your listening experience far more satisfying. The Amplicomms TV 2500 Wireless TV Listener has the connection option to the Digital Optical Audio Out socket on more modern digital TV's. This makes the TV2500 and all its connection options the most universal and compatible TV listener we offer. The easily accessible big button on front of the headset switches the output from the TV to a microphone on the headset to hear those around you, press again to return to loud and clear TV transmission. You don't have to remove the headset and replace hearing aids to have a conversation and then remove hearing aids and replace headset to start watching the TV once more. The volume, tone and balance between left and right ears can all be independently adjusted to your liking, delivering flawless CD quality of sound.
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