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New Year’s Hearing Resolution

2013People usually do not realise how important hearing is in regards to living a normal life and experiencing all it has to offer, until they start to lose this ability; in many cases it is taken for granted. However, in order to perform our everyday activities and communicate successfully with other people we rely highly on our hearing abilities.

Hearing loss and disorders may occur suddenly over a short period of time or slowly progress with age and gradually decrease the quality of one’s life. The fact that it may take a while until realising there is a hearing problem often results in people neglecting the first symptoms of a hearing disorder, which inevitably decreases their chances for proper treatment and possibilities to manage or treat the condition on time. Hearing loss affects all aspects of the sufferer’s life on both a physical and emotional level. Not being able to hear every day sounds like a doorbell ringing, the inability to relish the beauty of music or follow a conversation, especially in a noisy environment can be very depressing and frustrating. Profound hearing loss not only robs the sufferer from a great portion of life’s joys, but may also lead to unpleasant situations that threaten their physical safety and life. Living in a silent world for too long may also lead to depression and anti-social behaviour.

The most important thing to be done in order to take good care of one’s hearing is to make regular visits to a professional audiologist, especially as age progresses. If a person notices that they constantly turn the volume of the TV up or ask people to repeat phrases, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The hearing problems may be a result of an underlying health condition that could be treated, so taking accurate timely measures is crucial. Even if there is no sign of a hearing problem, it is important to perform regular ear examinations. Their frequency will depend on the age of the person and the risk factors in their life that might affect their hearing abilities. The check-ups may be done through an online hearing test, but it is also advisable to consult your GP and ask for professional advice regarding the most appropriate ways to look after your hearing, depending on your individual condition and lifestyle.

In cases where the hearing impairment cannot be treated and the only solution is the use of a hearing aid, it is good to take a balanced approach towards its purchase and performance expectations. The variety of products available on the market is immense and might confuse the sufferer with too many options to choose from. It is very important to seek the opinion of a professional who will help you choose the device that will correspond the most to your particular needs and level of hearing impairment. It is advisable to purchase a hearing aid that will provide you with at least a 30-day trial period, in order to properly test its functions.
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