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Useful Ways To Spend £6700

I really enjoyed the Kings Speech and feel that it fully deserved to win an Oscar for Colin Firth. Had I been sitting on the panel it would have also won Best Supporting Actor for Geoffrey Rush but I am far from being a film buff, so have to confess that my opinion within this field is frankly worthless. So forgiving my ignorance and mindful that you can apply this to any film, how about you phone eight hundred and forty nine of your best friends to treat them to a trip to the cinema. If you are going to have popcorn you may have to trim your guest list, as the price of that is eye watering but you could still spend less then £6700

If you are not too keen on the cinema then maybe the theatre is more your scene. Tickets are available for the new Wizard of Oz and if you book in advance you could take one hundred and sixty six of your best chums to the hottest venue in town. This recommendation is particularly useful for those who are socially limited and don’t have eight hundred and forty nine friends to take to the cinema. You may have fewer friends but all one hundred and sixty six of them would be most appreciative and it would cost you les than £6700

Still haven’t got enough friends?

OK, how about taking just ninety six of your very closest circle on a return trip to Paris on the Eurostar? I used it before Christmas to go to Brussels and if like me you are a little tight with your cash, take my top tip and buy a picnic before you get on board. Bethan and I had Scotch Eggs, Crisps and Rioja as we sped through the European countryside while others who had not planned ahead paid a fortune for dried up, curly sandwiches and insipid coffee. So get your ninety six chums to pack a hamper and your could all be dancing in the Champs Elysees for less than £6700

Can’t rustle up ninety six?

Right my final suggestion. You and just twenty four others from your somewhat limited social circle could jet off to New York to be really tired in the city that never sleeps. Stay awake and become absolutely knackered walking along Madison, skating in Central Park or riding the subway. You will have to stay awake as the travel deal was for return flights only, so no hotel but for all twenty five of you it cost less than £6700

Is there are theme developing here? Does everything worth doing cost less than £6700? Well, I am trying to consider what one could do for the same price or less than a pair of Hearing Aids. I just happened to chance upon a price list from a well known high street retailer recently and was shocked to see a pair of hearing aids on their price list for £6700. Let’s be fair that is for two Hearing Aids and I am sure for that price they will throw in free batteries.

Now I have one final suggestion. If you need hearing aids but also want to be generous to your friends, buy a pair from HearingDirect and trim your party invite by one or two. How about getting rid of the Robertsons, you never really liked them that much …

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