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Need help? Call us on 1-800-216-2331

Who Are Action On Hearing Loss

action on hearing lossAction on Hearing Loss (formerly known as RNID) is a charitable organisation providing awareness about the problems of the hard of hearing and offering help and assistance for those with hearing loss. It has an impressive history and track record of amazing achievements and they continue to inspire and aid those with hearing problems.

The organisation now known as Action on Hearing Loss was established more than 100 years ago, in 1911 by Leo Bonn in London, who himself was suffering from deafness and wanted to support those like him. Through the years, the charity has managed to make a difference in various areas connected to hearing loss and change people’s perception towards it. In 1948, it even succeeded in the provision of free hearing aids and batteries across the UK. Research concerned with tinnitus was initiated in 1974 and a helpline about it was opened in 1990. Typetalk, the telephone relay service, was launched the following year and in 2005, the phone Hearing Check started taking calls.

Currently Action on Hearing Loss focuses on a number of activities that aim to raise money, spread information, engage more people and most importantly take care of all who suffer from some degree of hearing impairment and try to help them integrate once more into their social life and regain their independence in communication and entertainment. To achieve all this, the organisation strives to have as complete a social presence as possible through campaigning, fundraising, volunteering, biomedical research as well as their own online shop offering a comprehensive selection of assistive hearing devices, amplified phones, alarm clocks, etc.

As it is a charity, Action on Hearing Loss accepts donations. You can donate online, by phone or post, send a gift or form a partnership. In addition, the organisation regularly stimulates a variety of fundraising activities to increase awareness that are both beneficial for the hard of hearing and fun and exciting for all the participants. Those include many running and sports events, spectacular overseas challenges such as cycling from London to Paris or trekking the Inca Trail, skydiving or community fundraising with an “adoption” of a special tin.

Action on Hearing Loss aims to support all those 10 million UK residents that have hearing loss and offer them a place to find help and understanding and improve their lifestyle. The organisation has around 1000 staff, over 1000 volunteers as well as more than 20000 members across the country to work towards its objectives. To encompass as many people as possible, Action on Hearing Loss has a number of followers and partners such as The Rotary Club, The Lions Club, school and youth groups and many more. In all its actions Action on Hearing loss focuses on its primary goals - to cure tinnitus and hearing loss and help those 4 million hard of hearing who have not looked for help yet to do so, benefit from all the options available and enhance their quality of life substantially.
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