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Why We Decided On Rayovac Batteries

While hearing aids vary from one another in terms of their features, type, prices (and even colors!), they all require the use of a device that produces electricity. Perhaps one day hearing aids will be powered by different sources of energy, but for now, these sources are hearing aid batteries. We are sometimes asked why we decided to stock and recommend the use of Rayovac to power our range of products and while the reasons are clear to us, there is some room to expand on our choice.

To power your hearing aid you have a choice of battery manufacturers. Some manufacturers produce generic batteries which can power many types of devices as long as they can host the precise battery size, while others produce batteries designed for hearing aids specifically. By doing so, the latter are able to produce batteries which give dependable performance for long periods of time without having to settle for shorter battery life in exchange for more power. Hearing aids belong to a group of ‘higher demand’ digital devices, where the power needs to be on hand almost all the time. Rayovac® not only produce consistent power over long periods of time, they also have the added benefit of lengthier shelf lives, so you can stock up on batteries without having to worry about their performance after couple of months. Hearing aids are outstanding devices which can help you overcome your hearing impairment, but without the suitable electric power, they will not work to their optimum potential.

Why We Decided On Rayovac Batteries?

● Designed specifically for hearing aids
● Provide dependable, long lasting power
● Offer fantastic value for money

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