Phonak C&C Line Drying Beaker

What is it? A plastic beaker to be used with the Phonak Drying capsules or the Phonak Cleansing ...
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Phonak C&C Line Drying Beaker & Cleansing Tablets Kit

What is it? A plastic beaker with a removable insert A box of 20 effervescent cleansing tablets ...
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Signia Drying capsule - pack of 4

Intended to dehumidify hearing aids and earmolds.  Box contains 4 capsules, each packaged in seal...
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Starkey replacement desiccant pucks - pack of 6

Pack of 6 desiccant pucks / tablets, individually wrapped. Used in Starkey Chargers that use desi...
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Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

Digital hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of electrical engineering and like any electrical component when it comes into contact with moisture, intermittent faults may arise.

Hearing aid dehumidifiers help prevent the build-up of moisture thereby protecting the internal components of the aid. No matter the brand, style, or how much you have paid for your aid, all hearing aids are at risk from the build-up of moisture as a result of humidity within the ear canal. Our range of products includes a number of dehumidifiers suitable for any type of hearing aid.

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