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Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are vital when it comes down to protecting your hearing. They not only prevent ear damage from high decibel noises, but they can also improve your sleep.

Moldex Ear Plugs

An expert range of Moldex ear plugs is available on Hearing Direct, which are made of an extra-soft, extra light foam. We supply ear plugs in packs of one pair, ranging up to packs of 200 pairs and It's recommended that each pair of ear plugs are only worn once. 

3 Benefits of using Ear Plugs

1.Hearing protection

Millions of people all over the world suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus, and this figure is estimated to keep on rising. Ear plugs may help prevent this in the future by protecting you from loud, harmful noises. 

2. Improve Sleep

A common use of ear plugs is to help minimize noise at night to help you get a good night's sleep. Our article Is Wearing Ear Plugs At Night A Good Idea? on our blog outlines how to use ear plugs safely at night.

3. Reduce Air Pressure when Flying

Specialist ear plugs such as Earplanes Flight Ear Protection regulate air pressure naturally which relieves ear discomfort when flying.

If you are concerned about your hearing, you can check your hearing with our online hearing test. It is free, only takes a few minutes, and you will get your results instantly. Results will indicate if you should take further action to prevent hearing loss

 Alternatively, if you are hearing impaired, we supply our own brand of affordable hearing aids to help you effectively manage hearing loss. 

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