GN resound hearing aid accessories

Resound Surefit Open Domes Pack Of 10

ReSound hearing aid domes help provide a better fit for your digital hearing aid, adding impro...

ReSound Surefit Tulip Domes Pack of 10

Surfit Hearing Aid Domes From GN ReSound ‘SureFit’ is a new range of fitting solutions from ReSo...

ReSound Surefit Open Domes Pack of 2

What Is It? Pack of 2 domes Open Fits to ReSound LiNX2, LiNX3D, LiNX Quattro and ENYA behind the...

ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10

What Is It? Pack of 10 domes (sometimes referred to as 'double' domes) Fits to ReSound LiNX2, Li...

Phonak ?C&C Line? Tool Set

What is it? Mini tool kit in a small plastic bag Includes a Brush, a Loop, two Vent cleaning ...

ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 2

What Is It? Pack of 2 Power domes They are ometimes referred to as ‘double’ domes Compatible...

ReSound Domes For Receiver Tubing

What Is It? Pack of 10 Resound receiver domes Order in small, medium, large or tulip sizes Our p...

ReSound Surefit2 Medium Power Receiver Tube

This product has now been discontinued and replaced by the ReSound Surefit2C MP wire.  The new Su...

ReSound Tulip Domes Pack of 10

What Is It? Packet of 10 domes What Does It Do? Attaches to end of ReSound thin tubes or...

ReSound Surefit Tulip Domes Pack of 2

Pack of 2 Tulip domes Fits to ReSound LiNX2, LiNX3D, LiNX Quattro and ENYA behind the ear models...

ReSound High Power Receiver Tube

What is it? Package containing one ReSound high power receiver for connection to a receiver in...

Dome Tube Tip Size 7 Pack of 10

What Is It? Packet of 10 size 7 Domes Domes are standard used at 7mm diameter What Does It Do? ...
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GN ReSound provides some of the most up-to-date hearing aid accessories on the market.

GN ReSound Hearing Aid Accessories

At Hearing Direct, we supply a reliable selection of GN ReSound hearing aid accessories to help keep your device performing at its best. Along with the device itself, the core parts to ensure your model functions correctly are equally as important as the likes of hearing aid batteries

We recommend sampling the highest quality ReSound accessories when it comes to maintaining the performance of your hearing aids. Should some of your device's components falter or show signs of wear, we provide the key instruments to restore and maintain high sound quality. We dispense the following parts for ReSound hearing aids:

At Hearing Direct, we only stock products from trusted brands dedicated to boosting your hearing experiences. 

Compatible GN ReSound Devices

The ReSound branded accessories are compatible with the GN ReSound hearing aids collection. It is best to check that the parts you need will function correctly with your make and model. The instruments we supply fit the following ranges:

  • ReSound ENYA
  • LiNX2 hearing aids featuring the 5, 7, and 9 models
  • LiNX 3D

The ReSound hearing aid accessories we supply outline the models they are compatible with on their respective product pages. 

About GN ReSound

ReSound's roots stretch back to 1943 and are part of The GN Group, a market leader in hearing solutions. They are a worldwide distributor, dispensing products in 80 countries. The company has delivered a number of hearing industry firsts including 2.4GHz technology in digital hearing aids and produced the world's first 'Made for iPhone' hearing aid with sound streaming capability. 

Accessories Available At Hearing Direct

Hearing aid accessories are key to maintaining, improving, and repairing your digital device. At Hearing Direct, you will find a vast collection of parts for a variety of branded devices. To help complement your hearing aids, we also provide:

If you have any questions regarding GN ReSound accessories, get in touch and our expert team will do their best to help you. In the meantime, visit our blog which is home to valuable resources such as product reviews and informative guides.

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