Telephone amplifiers


Clarity SR100 Extra Loud Phone Ringer

It can be annoying when you miss an important phone call simply because you didn’t hear the phone...

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Telephone Amplifiers

Boost the loudness of a standard telephone with a telephone amplifier device and save changing your phone.

Our range of phone amplifiers includes conventional amplifiers to increase listening volume, ring amplifiers, and audible ring alerts. We stock only products from brands like Geemarc and Sarabec dedicated to supporting the hard of hearing users.

How Telephone Amplifiers Work

Telephone amplifiers can offer two enhancements to a standard phone. Some simply increase the volume of the telephone ringer, while other more sophisticated devices also amplify the volume of the call and tone.

The telephone amplifier fits your phone in two different ways:

  • For both ringer and call amplification, the device will fit between the phone base and handset - such as the Sarabec PhonePlus Telephone Amplifier
  • The Geemarc CL11 plugs in between the wall socket and the phone amplifies the ringer only.
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