Widex Instant Double Ear-Tip for Elan/Micro Pack of 10


What is it?

  • Pack of 10 double ear-tip
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, (S), Medium, (M) and Large, (L)

How to use:

  • It is usually recommended that domes be changed every 3 months, more often if need be.
  • Domes can be removed from the tubing and cleaned separately.
  • Always ensure that the dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing, as far on as possible, before inserting into the ear.

Compatible with: 

  • Fits to the open tubing for Widex behind the ear models (which are usually referred to as ‘9’ or ‘m’ or ‘FA’ BTE models)

The Widex Instant Tulip Ear-Tip for Elan/Micro are available here

The Widex Open Tulip Ear-Tip for Elan/Micro are available here

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