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Celebrities Who Wear Hearing Aids

Once wearing hearing aids were perceived as a taboo and many people were reluctant not only to show but also to put on their hearing aids fearing society’s reaction. Fortunately, those times are long gone and with hearing loss being a very widespread problem, many people openly look for a solution and help.

The increased awareness of those with a hearing impairment, the abundance of information and the variety of hearing devices have obliterated the stigma that was once associated with the issue. It has been replaced with guidance and reassurance that hearing loss can be managed and that improving of the lifestyle of many who are hard of hearing can be achieved.

One of the things that help many people come to terms with a hearing loss is the fact that they are notalone. Knowing that others face the same problems and difficulties somehow lessens the fear of being isolated and not understood. Lately, many celebrities and public figures, including singers and actors such as Mick Jagger, Sting, Bryan Adams and Maggie Gyllenhaal, have actively participated in various campaigns that raise awareness of the problem of hearing impairment. The campaigns aim to show concern and possible treatments to a wider audience and show that hearing loss can affect anyone and looking for a solution and wearing hearing aids is one of the best ways to help.

In addition there are also many famous people who have candidly admitted to wearing hearing aids themselves and openly talk about their former fears and the better life they lead after taking the necessary steps to improve their condition. Such confessions often inspire others to take action as well realise that hearing loss can be alleviated and does not have to lead to isolation or frustration. Hearing aid technology is so advanced that there are only a limited number of hearing impairment cases that cannot benefit from any type of hearing aid. The majority of conditions could be improved, with many even having a wide choice of options, as hearing aidsare extremely varied and customizable.

The list of celebrities who suffer from hearing loss and use hearing aids is quite long but some of the most popular include household names Annette Crosbie and Richard Wilson who since discovering their deteriorating hearing have openly talked about it and their experience in overcoming it and the change in their lives after getting hearing aids. TV presenter Anne Diamond has also confessed to having hearing problems along with the star Genevieve Barr from the BBC drama The Silence. Recently the Hollywood star Jodie Foster has also been spotted wearing hearing aids.

Other current celebrities and public figures that have tinnitus or some degree of hearing loss include Bill Clinton, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend, Foxy Brown and many more. These people and their careers show that hearing loss does not need to be an obstacle to achieving dreams and goals and with determination and a proper treatment the difficulties it poses can be overcome.

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