Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? (Updated 2020)

01 December, 2020 | Gary Hill
One of the most popular questions asked in the US is "does Medicare cover hearing aids?" In this blog post, we explain some of ...

Making The Most Of Your Telecoil Settings

29 October, 2020 | Gary Hill
It may not sound very enticing, but a telecoil is one of the most useful features you can look for in your hearing aid. Many h ...

Buying Hearing Aids: 20 Things You Should Know

24 September, 2020 | Gary Hill
Hearing aids are often the most effective means to manage hearing loss. Unfortunately, they will not cure your hearing loss, b ...

How A Hearing Aid Works

24 April, 2020 | Gary Hill
How does a hearing aid work? Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They all have very similar technology, altho ...

What to Expect when Wearing a Hearing Aid for the First Time

23 April, 2020 | Gary Hill
Finding out that you need to wear hearing aids can be a daunting prospect. Not only is there the social stigma to overcome but ...

Receiver-In-Ear Versus Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids Explained

17 April, 2020 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
The difference between RIC and BTE hearing aids is very small when you look at them. They both have the main body of the heari ...

Bone Anchored and Other Hearing Aids

16 March, 2020 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
There are several other types of hearing aid that help people with conditions where normal hearing aids won't work. These incl ...

Cleaning your Hearing Aids

13 March, 2020 | Gary Hill
 Phonak Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit Buying a hearing aid is a very important and often substantial investment. Most people are a ...

Build Your Own Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit

12 February, 2020 | Gary Hill
All hearing aids need maintaining, but how do you know where to start? In this blog post we give you advice on the vital piece ...
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