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Christmas Present Ideas For The Elderly

With Christmas just around the corner, presents are a topic on many people’s minds. To make someone happy with a useful and thoughtful gift is always a pleasure and helps fuel the Christmas spirit. It is very difficult to choose a present that is both practical and at the same time original and affordable. It is especially tricky to find the right gift for a parent or an elderly relative as they often have most of the things they need or have very specific tastes. However, below you can find some suggestions that might help in this tricky area.

Our Christmas Present Ideas for the Elderly

Amplified phones

Most elderly people suffer from age related hearing loss or problems with vision. Amplified phones are an ideal solution to help them stay connected to the external world and communicate with their relatives or call in case of emergency. Modern amplified phones, including corded, cordless and mobile options come with a variety of functions and features, e.g. flashing lights, back lit displays, large buttons, easy menu navigation, different levels of amplification of ringer and speaker volume, etc. The cordless phones can be positioned in any room and the mobile ones can be worn in a pocket or on a strap and use vibration if necessary to indicate incoming calls.

Alarm clocks

Another useful present for the elderly who are hard of hearing are loud alarm clocks. They are available as analogue or digital and carried anywhere, as they are small and convenient. Most of them feature flashing lights and vibrating pads and offer very powerful amplification to alert very deep sleepers and severely deaf people

Wireless TV listeners

Wireless TV listeners that are small and light offer crisp and clear sound, with a volume level independent of the TV volume and can last hours without recharging. Wireless TV listeners are a perfect solution for the provision of loud enough sound for the listener and do not interfere audibly with the viewing pleasure of the rest of the household.

Hearing aids

If your elderly relative has some degree of hearing loss and has not taken any measures to alleviate the condition, it might be a good idea to consider buying them hearing aids for Christmas and help them enjoy once more the sounds of the surrounding environment. There are various types and models of hearing aids that are specifically designed for the elderly, i.e. with simplified functions and fewer dexterity challenges. First, however, it is best to perform a hearing check to find out the hearing loss level and then look for the most appropriate hearing device.

Hearing aid accessories

Every hearing aid needs proper maintenance and care in order to function and perform well over time. If the person whose present you are looking for has a hearing aid, you may consider purchasing different accessories for it such as cleaning kits, dehumidifiers, air puffers, protective cases or a couple of hearing aid battery packs. All very useful and a good investment in the future performance of the device.

E-book reader 

What could prove to be a very good present is an e-book reader. Many retired people have more time to spend reading and such a device could be a good complement to their daily activities and hobbies. There are many affordable and high quality e-book readers on the market allowing storage of thousands of books so the reader will never be bored. Some e-book readers even feature wireless internet access.

Subscription to a local club

Another idea to consider is to buy a subscription to a local club that engages in an activity, which could be of interest to the person receiving the present. Many local charities support clubs dedicated to helping the elderly, hard of hearing and form communities to share their problems, exchange experience or simply engage in fun and bonding activities, such as camping, board or outdoor games, reading sessions, etc.

Whatever gift you choose for your elderly friend or relative, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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