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Geemarc CL100 Amplified Phone Review

White desk telephone with large buttons Geemarc CL100 Amplified Desk Telephone

Geemarc, the manufacturer of the Clearsound CL100 phone, claim that it is Europe’s most popular big button, amplified phone. Designed with a comprehensive list of features for ease of use, one can quickly see why it's so popular. Geemarc amplified phones make communication easier for those with hearing loss and provide an expansive range of amplified telephones and mobile phones. Overall, the phone is very clearly laid out with large buttons, a traditional handset and the controls are simple sliders or one touch buttons. The only possible criticism is that through its simplicity it may look a bit old-fashioned. It is extremely easy to set up and benefits from not requiring an electrical input so no unsightly wires or a need for a plug close to where you want to place your phone. In addition, the CL100 can be wall mounted so it really is very flexible and you can place it pretty much wherever you need it.

CL100 features include:

1. Three emergency buttons

Located at the top of the phone, these buttons are labelled P1, P2 and P3. To aid recognition they are also different colours, red, blue and green respectively. You can pre-programme these buttons for one-touch emergency instant calls.

2. Nine Pre-programmable Memory buttons

In addition to the three emergency buttons, you will find a further nine pre-programmable memory buttons running down the right-hand side of the keypad. They are marked M1 to M9, but you don't have to remember which number has been programmed into which memory button. There is a slide out tray adjacent to the buttons and you can write names associated with the numbers there. Once you've programmed the numbers in, the phone's memory retains them even if the phone is disconnected. No more having to continuously re-programme numbers.

3. Bright LED

At the bottom of the keypad on the leading edge of the phone is a very bright LED which flashes when there is an incoming call. Most amplified phones have this feature and it certainly assists in alerting the hard of hearing to an incoming call.

4. Amplification

You can set the phone up as either normal amplification or additional amplification as its default. The amplify button is at the top right-hand corner of the phone. Press to switch to amplified mode.

5. Simple Sliders

Simple sliders change the settings of the phone controls. These include an outgoing voice amplifier, a ring tone amplifier, a tone control for high / low-frequency emphasis and a receiver amplifier providing up to an additional 30dB of amplification.

6. Telecoil Compatible

The phone is telecoil compatible. If you wear a telecoil compatible hearing aid, you can switch to the T mode by placing the handset close to your ear, and can listen to the phone call through your hearing aid. The Geemarc CL100 is a phone that can be used by those without hearing impairment and has all the standard functionality one would expect, such as last number recall, mute settings and so on.

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Author: Gary Hill

Gary our Hearing Aid Expert

Gary comes from 16 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry in both manufacturing and retail. Before co-founding HearingDirect, Gary was Marketing Director for a leading global hearing aid brand; GN ReSound where he worked for the UK sales division and latterly in their global headquarters in Copenhagen. He was responsible for developing and launching major global hearing aid models, conducting extensive research into the needs of the hearing impaired community and their performance demands of hearing aids and other devices. Article updated on 04 February 2020

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