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TV Headphones For The Hard Of Hearing

TV headphones for the hard of hearing are the ideal way to enjoy your favourite programmes without disturbing others with the high volume you need. In this blog post, we explain their benefits and explore some of the top models available on our web store…

The Power of TV Headphones for the Hard of Hearing

TV headphones, headsets, and listeners can prevent those with hearing loss from missing out on quality television. They let you engage and enjoy the programmes you love. Watching TV and listening to music can be made a pleasurable experience all over again thanks to TV listeners. They can be the real difference between enjoying the TV or continuously missing all the best bits.

Wireless TV Listeners let you listen at the volume that is most comfortable for you without the need to change the volume on the television for other viewers. This means that you, the whole family or your friends can all enjoy the same programme at the right sound levels, all at the same time.

How Do TV Headphones Work?

What makes TV headphones so helpful for those with hearing loss is that they put emphasis on dialogue. They provide enhanced clarity of voice, speech, tone (bass and treble), and different pitches. Our range of wireless TV listeners is designed to help with that ever-present challenge of the volume being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another.
  • Wireless TV listeners consist of a 'base station' that is attached to your television, computer or music player.
  • An infrared signal then beams the sound to a pair of comfortable headphones.
  • Select the volume you need and enjoy programmes and music at the right sound level for you.

Different models will have varying levels of amplification with some models amplifying up to 125dB. This is strong enough to let you move without interfering with the quality of the sound. Nonetheless, they all provide the user with their own bespoke volume and tone settings whilst others can continue to watch at their preferred level.

Top Wireless TV Listeners to Consider

Our vast collection of wireless TV listeners will help improve your television and sound experience. Many TV headphones reduce noise interference to improve the quality of the sound you hear. Assistive listening devices let you control not only the overall volume but adjust it separately for each ear. Our top TV headphones are shown below.

Geemarc CL7350 Opti Wireless TV Listener

The Geemarc CL7350 Wireless TV Listener enables you to connect to a variety of audio systems, providing clarity of sound with no interference. Use with your television, smartphone, CD player, iPod, Hi-fi system or DVD player. Being incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a device at all!

Crescendo 60/1 Personal Amplifier 

Woman wearing Crescendo Personal Amplifier

Stay connected with the Crescendo 60/1, a battery-powered listening system. Plus, the device boasts an impressive 80-hour battery life. It is packed full of technology to ensure you maximise your listening experience. The Crescendo 60/1 headphones will help you follow your favourite shows and watch movies, listen to the radio or hold conversations with friends. It’s lightweight and pocket-sized, so easy to carry around. In public places such as theatres and conference facilities with a loop system, the Crescendo 60/1 generates high-quality sound regardless of where you are in the room. 

Add the following accessories to boost your Crescendo listening experience:

Next Steps...

For more of the assistive listening devices, we supply, visit our wireless TV listeners page to see a range of headsets, including neckloop and headphone models. These fantastic headsets offer wireless sound transmission in stereo or mono from any number of sound sources offering amplification up to 120dB.

Ways to Connect TV Headphones to the Television

You can use hard of hearing TV headphones regardless of whether you have a hearing aid or not. Hearing aids are not usually designed to provide the television watching experience at the quality the TV headphones can. However, listening devices are not a substitute for a hearing aid and are limited to use with infrared or radio transmitted signals. Follow our simple step-by-step video for guidance on how to set up your assistive listening device with your TV.

Check Your Hearing Online For Free

We have built our very own hearing test so you can check your hearing in the comfort of your own home. With our online hearing test, there is no need to book an appointment, all you need is a few spare minutes and some headphones. Just supply a few details and when you have completed the test we will instantly email you your results which will indicate if you should take further action.

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Author: Gary Hill

Gary our Hearing Aid Expert

Gary comes from 16 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry in both manufacturing and retail. Before co-founding HearingDirect, Gary was Marketing Director for a leading global hearing aid brand; GN ReSound where he worked for the UK sales division and latterly in their global headquarters in Copenhagen. He was responsible for developing and launching major global hearing aid models, conducting extensive research into the needs of the hearing impaired community and their performance demands of hearing aids and other devices.

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