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How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

Hearing aids are small devices characterised with a high level of complexity and fragility, which naturally reduces the period of their technical life. In general, they can be expected to last up to five years, although it is possible to keep them in a good condition even longer.

The lifespan of a hearing aid depends on a number of issues.

First of all it is crucial to choose the right type of hearing aid and model that will fully correspond to your individual condition, necessities and requirements. This should be done by a professional audiologist, who will also be able to give you practical advice on proper maintenance. Usually, you will need to wear the device constantly, which leads to the natural wearing out of its components due to daily use.

At all times it should be handled with care in order to minimize the possibilities of breakage or accidental damage. Furthermore the hearing aid is constantly exposed to different bodily substances, such as perspiration and earwax (especially if the device is placed in the ear canal), that can easily damage its electronic parts.

The climate and weather of can also lead to disturbances in the device’s performance, especially if the place is characterised with constant humidity or high temperatures. Exposure to skin and hair care products, for example hair spray, might also have a negative influence.

It is important to choose batteries suitable for the specific device and take the necessary measures to prevent corrosion.

In order to prolong the hearing aid’s life as much as possible it is crucial to adopt a proper maintenance and cleaning regime from the start. There are a variety of cleaning products on the market that are especially made to ensure the safe and proper cleaning of the device’s delicate components. Your audiologist can also help by periodically checking if any parts need repair or replacement.

Hearing aids will also benefit from storing them properly when not in use, especially at night. Hearing aid storage devices mainly remove moisture and destroy any microorganisms that can lead to unpleasant ear irritations or infections.

Many hearing aid users choose to replace their hearing aid due to a scientific breakthrough. Scientists are constantly working on new ways to improve the performance of hearing aids and make them lighter, less visible and able to suit the individual needs of people suffering from different kinds of hearing loss, as precisely as possible. The possibility to hear better and appreciate the richness of sounds more fully might be too tempting and lead to the hearing aid’s replacement before its technical life is over.

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