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How Much Do Hearing Aid Batteries Cost?

One of our most popular questions is how much do hearing aid batteries cost? In this quick read post, we guide you through hearing aid battery cost, the price of batteries, and share tips on reducing overall spend moving forward.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Batteries Cost?

Hearing aid batteries cost can be compared to fuel costs for your car. You know how much fuel costs per litre, but it does not tell you how much it will cost to run your car. The same can be said for hearing aids. Fuel and battery consumption operate in very similar ways. Over time, both deplete. When empty or out of power, you need to top up again. This process of re-purchasing batteries will up the overall cost, a very important factor to take into account, especially as digital hearing aids are a lengthy investment. With a range of manufacturers, different sized cells for different devices, all with different price tags, hearing aid batteries cost can differ greatly.

Which Batteries Are The Most Cost-Effective?

This can be a tricky question to answer. Many factors will impact overall cost, no matter what the price is. This could all be down to your hearing aid. For example, two people may have the same device that requires the same size battery which they both purchase from the same brand. However, person 1 wears their hearing aid for twice as many hours per month as person 2. This means person 1 will spend more on batteries. The same principle can be applied to the device itself as batteries for certain makes and models last a lot longer than other, more powerful aids. One other element that may impact the price of batteries is lifetime power and storage. The zinc air batteries become 'live' when oxygen is present so if the pack has been stored improperly or contains a slight opening, batteries could drain themselves out. This is just a point to be aware of so if batteries are kept appropriately, you shouldn't experience this issue. Overall, we need to establish which hearing aid we wear, the level of technology, as well as the required time we wear said device.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost To Run?

To put price into perspective, we can do some rough math to provide an estimation of battery spend. To keep things simple, let's say a cell costs 40c/40p. From that, for a typical 12-hour per day wearer, we can then assume:
  • Batteries for a device with a 90-hour battery life would cost 5.3c/p per day.
  • Batteries for a device with a 150-hour battery life would cost 3.2c/p per day.
  • Batteries for a device with a 240-hour battery life would cost 2c/p per day.
Costs will all depend on the type of device you wear and how much battery power they require to function for the time you wear them.

How Much Do Hearing Aid Batteries Cost From Hearing Direct?

We supply hearing aid batteries in all the most common sizes from the world's top manufacturers. Our broad selection starts from $2.29/£1.79* for one pack of 6 cells. You can also purchase multipacks of batteries which are available at a reduced cost and contain 60 to 120 cells. *prices accurate at the time of publishing

Shop The Hearing Direct Battery Range

At Hearing Direct, you will find .a super selection of hearing aid batteries from leading manufacturers in all the most popular sizes. We dispense cells from trusted brands like Rayovac, Power One, Duracell and more big brand names. Alternatively, you can try our very own brand of hearing aid batteries which offer long cell life as well as long shelf life so you can stock up on batteries knowing they will work when you need them to.
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