Loud Alarm Clocks for the Hearing Impaired

16 October, 2020 | Gary Hill
Alarm clocks for the hearing impaired are of great use to people with hearing loss who have difficulty hearing standard alarm ...

Hearing Aid Reviews 2019

08 January, 2019 | Gary Hill
Hearing aid reviews for the current set of devices we dispense. We've reviewed the models we supply so you can get all the nee ...

Do Ear Wax Removal Candles Work?

13 November, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
Ear wax removal candles (or ear candling) are an alternative method for removing excess wax, however this process is not medic ...

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

05 October, 2018 | Gary Hill
All Hearing aid manufacturers strive to deliver the best devices on the market to better our quality of hearing and quality of ...

How Much Do Hearing Aid Batteries Cost?

25 March, 2018 | Gary Hill
One of our most popular questions is how much do hearing aid batteries cost? In this quick read post, we guide you through hea ...

Cotton Bud Alternatives

30 November, 2017 | Gary Hill
Using cotton buds is probably the most popular way to clean your ears and remove excessive amounts of earwax. It is a cheap an ...

Which Are The Best Hearing Aids To Buy?

19 October, 2017 | Gary Hill
It's appropriate and right to seek out the best. The best customer service, the best coffee shops, and of course finding out w ...

Hearing Aid Battery Reviews

06 October, 2017 | Gary Hill
Hearing aid battery reviews is a topic we are frequently asked about. At Hearing Direct, you will find all the top manufacture ...

Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

25 September, 2017 | Gary Hill
Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers can be the difference between waking up in the morning on time, or sleeping through your alarm ...

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