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How to Donate Hearing Aids

The invention of hearing aids is and was a life changing technological breakthrough that has helped millions of people improve their quality of life and gain more independence in daily activities including work, communication and entertainment. With the further advancement of technology, new and improved models and designs of hearing aids appear often making the current devices obsolete and eventually left unused. Those fortunate enough to be able to upgrade their hearing equipment often do not know what to do with the old devices.

Instead of putting your old hearing aid in a drawer and forgetting about it or throwing it away, there are different ways you can dispose of it while at the same time giving a chance to someone else to improve their hearing. Unfortunately, hearing aids are not widely accessible, mainly due to financial limitations, to many people living in developing countries although problems with hearing impairment are just as common as in the rest of the world.

One way to help others with hearing difficulties is by donating your old or used hearing aids. A donation will not only prolong the life and the usability of a good hearing aid but also be beneficial for someone who cannot have it in any other way. It is calculated that manufacturers meet about 10% of global need for hearing aids and many people around the world cannot afford either hearing loss prevention or hearing devices.

A number of organizations and charities are involved in collecting old or broken hearing aids and then donating the devices to various countries that needs hearing assistance and help. These activities change the lives of the wearers and allow them to have better work opportunities.

Some of the most famous world organizations are the Rotary Club and Lions International. You can contact them directly and donate your hearing aid even if it is not working properly anymore along with any additional hearing equipment or batteries.

Many local charities work in close partnership with this organization as well. They collect all types of hearing aids regardless of their condition. You can leave you hearing aid at their donation boxes in Suffolk or send it via post. Another organization donating hearing aids to developing countries is the charity Open Ears. They accept any unwanted hearing aids via post.

If you want to find a local charity that you can donate your hearing aids to or need more information about hearing aids donation events, you can consult your hearing provider or audiologist to guide you to an organization, charity or church that collects such donations.

Along with donating your hearing aids, you may also consider an environmentally friendly way for a disposal of old hearing aid batteries. You can contact your local recycling centre to find out how you can donate your unused hearing aid batteries.

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