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How To Store Hearing Aid Batteries

Whichever brand of hearing aid you use, and whichever type you find most suitable, it will require power to function. To ensure continued benefit from a working hearing aid, wearers often carry additional batteries just to be on the safe side. It is therefore important to follow a few simple rules about hearing aid battery storage, so it actually works when you need it.

4 Tips for Storing Hearing Aid Batteries

1. Keep the battery in its packaging: It is essential to ensure that hearing aid batteries do not come into contact with other metals. Coins, keys, glasses frame and other metal objects may short out the battery. Their packaging will help protect them from such damage. 2. Keep them indoors: Certain temperatures can have a significant effect on the service life of the battery. Room temperature storage is recommended. Do not store your batteries in the fridge and try to avoid high temperatures as well. 3. Store well away from babies and children: Another reason to keep the batteries in their original packaging is the risk from swallowing by curious household members. Store them away from sight in a secure place. 4. Refrain from mixing old and new: If batteries are kept out of their packaging, do not mix old and new batteries. If you do, you run the risk of drawing power from the new battery thereby shortening its service life rapidly.

Batteries Storage Myth

Storage in a fridge or freezer - Despite what you might think, batteries manufacturers do not recommend such storage conditions. Cold temperatures may lead to condensation which can damage and short the battery.

Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries

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