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Is It Safe To Buy Hearing Aids On Line?

Nobody likes getting ripped off. Finding the right hearing aid can often prove a costly and frustrating business. Happily, advancement in technology means the Internet has transformed the way we shop and can make this process so much easier with the emergence of online retailers.

The use of the Internet can create its own problems when you can’t see or handle your purchases in advance. This has led to the tightening of the Distance Selling Regulations, designed specifically to protect you, the consumer. The new Consumer Contracts Regulations were launched on the 13th June 2014, which in turn implement the Consumer Rights Directive in UK law. This applies to all purchases you make at a distance, whether by phone or the Internet.

These regulations mean that you are entitled to:

  • Important information about the seller, including their physical address.
  • The right to change your mind. You can cancel from the moment you place an order until seven working days after the day in which you obtain your goods.
  • If you are given faulty or substitute items, then the seller must pay return postage costs, leaving you fully reimbursed.

In short, it’s perfectly safe to purchase a hearing aid on line for the majority of people with a straightforward hearing loss. HearingDirect operate a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that if you select a product that falls short of your expectations, then you can return it to us and get a full refund. It really is that simple.

Know Your Source

As is widely accepted, a healthy dose of common sense should always be applied when purchasing anything on the Internet. As such, when choosing a hearing aid online, it’s important you use a reputable company. Businesses such as HearingDirect wear their badges of approval (such as our Trustpilot reviews) from their customers with pride, allowing you to relax, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Have The Confidence To Give It A Go

Diagnosing an appropriate hearing aid is not a precise science. In truth, hearing itself can be incredibly subjective. Two people with the same prescription can often end up having very different results from wearing the same type of hearing aid. Why? It is swayed significantly by an individual’s interpretation of what helps and what doesn’t. We all live life differently, we may share the same fundamental hearing loss, but that doesn’t mean our expectations are the same or that our rehabilitation plan is identical. We may not choose to wear the same kind of fitting. There is no definitive answer like there is when ordering a pair of glasses. It so often comes down to personal preference and expectation. This is true regardless of the amount you spend or how many visits you make to the audiologist.

Buying from a company like HearingDirect can be liberating. You’re free to try something new, ticking off elements on your wish list that matter most to you.

Good Is Good Enough At A Price That Is Better

Statistically up to 80% of those who suffer a mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to benefit from a pre-programmed hearing aid that can be bought straight off the shelf without the need for audiologist appointments and specifically adapted devices. This is good news for many. By buying on line, you’re not paying for the expense of a shop run enterprise and are therefore open to some fantastic deals, with savings of up to 85% on hearing aids.

If you give it a go and it doesn’t work, then you can always opt for the more scientific diagnostic procedure later, secure in the knowledge that you’ve tried all avenues.

Why choose HearingDirect?

  • You can save time browsing as we offer a wide selection of products at a click of a button
  • Unbeatable prices at huge savings, with discounts of up to 85%
  • We can provide expert help, diagnostics and advice if needed
  • Trading Standards approved
  • Top quality products, hand picked to do the job right
  • A quick and simple ordering service with free delivery

So go on, give it a go on line and find out for yourself how easy it can be.

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