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Moisture in your Hearing Aid?

A build-up of moisture in your Hearing Aid can cause detrimental functionality issues and ongoing, intermittent problems. Water damage to hearing aids is a very common problem whether it's from rain, humidity or accidental immersion in water. This quick-read blog post will help you fix and prevent the issue from recurring.

Why is my hearing aid not working?

You put your hearing aid on in the morning, only to find it not working. You check for wax blockages – but you can't see any. You change the battery, but that doesn't work either. You try another battery, still nothing. Okay - you think, I’ll have to send it for repair. A few hours or even days pass. Just before you get ready to send it back, you try it once more; only this time it works! This could all be a result of moisture in your hearing aid.

What causes Moisture Build-Up in your Hearing Aid?

Intermittent faults are notoriously difficult for wearers to describe and therefore for manufacturers to repair. Some intermittent functionality can be caused by moisture build-up within the hearing aid’s components. All hearing aids can be affected by this, regardless of style; although in-the-ear styles can be most at risk. Ear canals can be rather hot & humid spaces! Unwanted moisture can occur in hearing aids because of:
  • Long exposure to humid environments,
  • Excess sweat entering the hearing aid,
  • Wearing hearing aids in the rain,
  • Damage to the hearing aid.

How To Prevent Water Damage

Prevention methods exist and can be found on our website. Dry boxes, storage boxes and hearing aid dehumidifiers can all help prevent further damage from moisture. The use of dry kits and dry boxes can help control moisture build-up. These are basically sealable containers containing a form of desiccant material which will absorb any moisture from within the surrounding air. There are a variety of dry-aid kits on the market, some of which are featured on Hearing Direct. This includes: You can search our website for many useful accessories to help prevent and rescue your hearing aids from water damage.

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