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New Amplified Phones, Hearing Aid Accessories & Alarms 2017

Amplified phones, hearing aid accessories and vibrating alarms are just some of the new products we’ve added to the website in the start of 2017. The HearingDirect online catalogue continues to grow and we are pleased to be able to offer more high-quality items to assist the hearing impaired.

The start of 2017 has seen us add a range of hard of hearing products from globally-trusted brands such as Geemarc, Clarity and Widex. Our collection of new amplified phones, hearing aid accessories and alarms are only available in specific regions.

HearingDirect in the United States of America

The HearingDirect US online catalogue has seen the inclusion of two brand new products. We’ve added an amplified phone and vibrating alarm, which are perfect items to assist the lifestyles of the hearing impaired. The Geemarc Ampli550 extra loud phone is here to make life easier for those with hearing loss. With an adjustable volume control of up to 50dB and bright, visual ringer indicator and large high contrast buttons are designed to help the visually and hearing impaired. With a nine one-touch memory buttons, 2 emergency, 6 standard and 1 for customer service, you can be confident help is close at hand.

Hearing Direct in the United Kingdom

Our UK catalogue has seen a number of new products arrive this year. We have new hard of hearing phones and we’ve updated our hearing aid accessories selection. Doro Phones is one of our most popular brands for amplified phones. Their phones for hard of hearing boast extraordinary levels of amplification, without losing out on clarity, and the new Doro 5516 extra loud mobile phone is a prime example of that. Texting is easy, the large display screen makes for comfortable viewing and the amplification features extra loud sound for both ringer and voice volume. We have also added some amplified telephones that are ideal for the home, workplace, and office. The Amplicomms BigTel 48 Big Buttons Amplified Desk Phone is ideal for the hard of hearing. The super loud sounds from both ringer and voice make it far louder than a generic telephone. The big buttons are a standout feature, meaning dialing is simple, and the large display screen will clearing state the time and call duration too, making the process of communicating with loved ones effortless. The Amplicomms BigTel 58 is also fully compatible with BT phone lines. Our range of Switel amplified phones has also seen a new model added to our current selection of hard of hearing phones. The Switel TF560 Amplified Corded Phone is a top of the range, extra loud, amplified corded phone with big buttons with a receiver volume of up to 40dB and a ringer volume of 90dB. It also features an emergency alarm unit for added security, making it ideal for both the hearing impaired and the elderly. The Switel TF560 amplified phone is hearing aid compatible, and like the Amplicomms and Doro Phones, you can adjust the amplification to fit your specific hearing requirements. Our UK market has also seen the inclusion of some new hearing aid accessories. We have updated our range of Widex hearing aid accessories. These accessories complement Widex Hearing Aids and our range of wax guards, tubes and domes make for ideal replacements. We also offer a vast range of hearing aid accessories for other devices, batteries and more.

HearingDirect in Europe

Along with our UK website, our European products have also seen a selection of new items added to the EU website. Our EU catalogue has been updated to feature a set of new amplified phones. Amplified phones have been designed to improve the ease of communication for the hearing impaired and seniors. We are very pleased to be able to bring to you a new set of Geemarc amplified phones. Geemarc amplified phones are here to assist the lives of those with hearing loss and are a great product for helping the elderly stay in touch with loved ones. The Geemarc Amplidect 295 Amplified Cordless Phone features superb levels of amplification, big buttons and is hearing aid compatible. The Geemarc AmpliDect 295 comes complete with a shaker function and a ringer volume that can be tailored to fit your hearing needs. The answering machine also provides up to 15 minutes of recording time so you can listen back with ease if you were to ever miss a phone call. The great benefit of the Amplidect 295 range from Geemarc is that several combinations of phones are possible. The Amplidect 295 can be paired with up to three extra handsets which can be the AmpliDect 295 Extra Handset or the PhotoDect 295 for an even easier handset. The AmpliDECT 295 also comes as a duo set should you need more than one handset. As well as the 295, we have added the AmpliDect 295 Combi Trio Amplified Phone. This Geemarc model features both a corded phone and wireless handset, making it perfect for any room in the home. Please note that are EU products are also available in the UK.

Hearing Test

At HearingDirect, we have created our very own online hearing test so you can test your hearing for free and in the comfort of your own home. All you will need is a few free minutes and some ear or headphones. Once the test is complete, you will get your results instantly via email and based on the outcome of the hearing test, you may be encouraged to take further action.

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