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5 Of Our Favorite Hearing Loss Myths

The web is full of useful information on many topics, including hearing loss. Unfortunately, a lot of myths get propagated including those about hearing loss. Here is a selection of our favorite deaf and hearing loss myths.

1. Hearing Loss Can Be Magically Cured

While some underlining conditions which cause hearing loss can be cured completely, in most cases the condition is irreversible. This is especially true for the most common causes of hearing loss, age-related and noise-induced. For example, sensorineural hearing loss can lead to a permanent loss of hearing and you may require hearing aids to effectively manage the condition. If you are concerned about hearing loss, visit an audiologist or medical professional.

2. Hard Of Hearing All Use Sign Language

Hearing loss is a general term that describes various levels of hearing impairments, from mild to profound hearing loss and deafness. Most sufferers will not use sign language, particularly if the condition presents itself during the later years of a person’s life. Sign language is a valuable communication skill, invaluable for those people who are Deaf, but it is, unfortunately, not taught to everyone. So, for the majority of the time the hard of hearing need to be able to listen. Digital hearing aids will often be a valuable tool for listening and understanding conversations.

3. Hard Of Hearing Cannot Use The Phone

Almost anyone with hearing loss can use a phone. In cases of mild to moderate hearing loss, amplified phones are used and in cases of profound hearing loss and deafness, text phones are used. Plenty of hearing aid compatible phones exists, as well as extra loud phones for the deaf with added vibration and visual alerts.

4. Hearing Loss Is Just Something You Have To Live With & Accept

Absolutely not, there are many ways to get around hearing loss and this is just another myth. 360 million people across the world are believed to have some form of hearing loss. Thankfully, there are many valuable items out there to help improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired. This includes:

5. Hearing Aids Make You Look Older

This last hearing loss myth is a little absurd. A loss of hearing can occur at any age; you may even be born with it, develop hearing loss at an early or late stage in your life. Hearing aids are designed to fit all ages and accommodate all types of hearing loss. For those concerned about wearing a device, invisible hearing aids are a popular option for those after a discreet look.

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