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Reducing Hearing Aid Hair Noises

Hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life of those who suffer from hearing loss. The decrease in hearing abilities can lead to serious problems when handling normal everyday activities and make social contact and face to face communication complicated and embarrassing. Therefore it is very important to choose a device that fully covers all of the user’s requirements and necessities and is fully corresponding to their individual hearing condition.

Regardless of the numerous positive advantages, hearing aid users may experience some difficulties related to the clear perception of the sound such as feedback or whistling. The reasons for these irritating noises can be quite diverse:

Ear wax – the ear’s natural environment is quite humid and the hearing aid can easily be clogged with substances that will decrease the overall level of its performance.

The hearing aid’s mold does not fit well – if it is too loose, this usually results in feedback.

The device’s volume level control is not adjusted properly – the more the wearer turns the volume up, the more it is likely that they will hear annoying sounds.

Some people with longer hair have also reported that when they wear it down, experiencing feedback increases. However, if this is your favourite style or you simply plan to use your hair, in order to keep the hearing aid less invisible, there are some solutions. The interference between the longer hair and the device is very unlikely to lead to whistling, especially when it comes to modern, up to date devices.

Before you purchase your hearing aid, it is important to consult a hearing aid professional and choose a type and model that will best suit your needs. Your choice should be based on an accurate hearing test, as well as be conformable to your personal way of life, usual everyday activities, profession, etc. Once you receive your hearing aid, it must be precisely adjusted by the hearing aid specialist and you should be well aware of its characteristics and limits. Learning how the hearing aid works and behaves in different conditions and environments will help you control and prevent many the situations when feedback is likely to occur.

In cases where you are sure that the feedback is caused by your hair and not by any of the above mentioned reasons, it is advisable first to visit your hearing aid audiologist. They might try and suggest using a different programme, as well as check for any damage to the hearing aid, its mould or tube. Experimenting with your hairstyle is another alternative.

Another possibility is to use hearing aid protectors. If you have Phonak Behind the ear hearing aids then you can use these Wind and Weather protectors which will also help you keep the delicate devices away from dirt, sweat and moisture. 

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