How Much does a Hearing Aid Cost?

23 September, 2019 | Gary Hill
It’s easy to imagine paying an awfully large sum of money for a hearing aid, especially for some of the more hi-tech hearing a ...

5 tips for keeping your hearing aid safe in cold weather

24 January, 2019 | Gary Hill
Very low temperatures below 0°C can affect both hearing aid batteries, and damage the hearing aid itself. How cold is it outsi ...

Hearing Aid Reviews 2019

08 January, 2019 | Gary Hill
Hearing aid reviews for the current set of devices we dispense. We've reviewed the models we supply so you can get all the nee ...

Black Friday Deals From Hearing Direct 2018

20 November, 2018 | Gary Hill
Black Friday deals from Hearing Direct offer you the chance to grab a bargain in our 2018 Black Friday sale. Black Friday De ...

Hearing Aid Insurance

20 October, 2018 | Gary Hill
Hearing aid insurance is always something to bear in mind when it comes down to new or current devices. After all, it could be ...

Top Wearable Technology For Hard Of Hearing

16 October, 2018 | Gary Hill
Wearable technology for the hard of hearing predates some of today's most popular devices. Hearing aids are one of the oldest ...

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

05 October, 2018 | Gary Hill
All Hearing aid manufacturers strive to deliver the best devices on the market to better our quality of hearing and quality of ...

Hearing Amplifiers vs. Hearing Aids

21 August, 2018 | Gary Hill
Hearing amplifiers are a popular way to help improve our ability to hear sounds, but what makes them different from hearing ai ...

Ménière's Suitable Hearing Aids

17 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
Ménière's Treatment with Hearing aids can help those manage the condition when hearing loss is the result of ongoing attacks. ...
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