Waterproof Hearing Aids: What You Need To Know

13 August, 2018 | Gary Hill
Waterproof hearing aids are extremely hard to come by, due to the fact that there is currently no device that can be worn in c ...

Bluetooth Hearing Aids & How To Enhance Your Listening Experience

13 August, 2018 | Gary Hill
Bluetooth hearing aids are a great way to listen for those looking to pair the latest wireless with phones, music players, and ...

5 Causes of Hearing Loss

10 August, 2018 | Gary Hill
What causes hearing loss? We guide you through the most common causes of hearing loss and what you can do to effectively manag ...

Age Related Hearing Loss: Causes, Symptoms, & Management

07 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
Age related hearing loss (presbycusis) occurs naturally as we age. It is caused by the degeneration of the cells in the ear an ...

What is Conductive Hearing Loss?

06 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
The Vestibular System What is Conductive Hearing Loss? It is one of the most common forms of hearing loss. Follow this infor ...

What is Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

06 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
What is sensorineural hearing loss? Sensorineural hearing loss is the result of damage to hair cells or nerves within the inne ...

Rinne Test: Procedure & Results Explained

03 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
The Rinne Test is a specific kind of hearing test. As with other hearing tests, it helps people quickly identify hearing loss. ...

Online Hearing Tests – How Accurate Are They?

01 August, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
When checking your hearing, accuracy will be key, even more so when taking an online hearing test. You will want the tests to ...

Can Earbuds Lead To Hearing Loss?

23 July, 2018 | ArenaCommerce Collaborator
Earbuds are here, there, and everywhere. We bet you own some! While they are not obviously a danger, anything we put in our ea ...
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