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Bluetooth Hearing Aids & How To Enhance Your Listening Experience

Bluetooth hearing aids are a great way to listen for those looking to pair the latest wireless with phones, music players, and the television, but what if you haven't got the budget? Learn more about similar technology at affordable prices. We walk you through the devices available, and explore further options to enhance your listening experience.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids From Hearing Direct

Today’s digital Bluetooth hearing aids make it possible to wirelessly stream and connect with other electronic Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth hearing aids that can stream directly from another device have become more common recently, but they come at a high price. For a cheaper alternative, some hearing aids have the ability to be Bluetooth-compatible with other gadgets such as phones, televisions, laptops and just require an assistive listening device (ALD) to relay the sound. bluetooth hearing aids ALDs in the form of wireless streamers are one of the most popular methods to enjoy amplified sounds without Bluetooth hearing aids.

What Is Bluetooth?

Invented in 1994, Bluetooth allows two or more devices to transfer data wirelessly between one another in the form of radio waves. Bluetooth caters for a cross-platform exchange in communication between electronic devices. Some hearing aids can connect directly with Bluetooth or an assistive listening device such as a streamer, neckloop or compatible headset may be required.

Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth compatibility can rely on streamers to relay the sounds between the ALD and hearing aid. Effectively, Bluetooth can transform hearing aids into a wireless pair of headphones to connect with the essential household items (as long as they too are Bluetooth compatible) without any interruption of external interference.

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How Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work?

Wireless hearing aids need to first be paired with a streamer. Once set up, the streamer will seek the Bluetooth signal and connect your hearing aids to the required device. It’s that simple! Alternatively, wireless listeners are the next best thing...

Bluetooth hearing aids allow the hard of hearing to benefit more from everyday objects and enjoy more of what life has to offer. This can be limited by standard hearing aids as to effectively use phones, watch television and listen to music, removal of hearing aids may be required. The latest audiological technology means it is now possible to connect hearing aids with other electronic devices and stream sound to your hearing aids thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Please note: You will require a Bluetooth compatible hearing aid to sync devices. If not, you will have to rely on assistive listening devices.

Which Benefits Can Be Enjoyed Thanks To Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

You no longer have to remove your hearing aids to listen to music, watch television or to use the telephone. Even though you may need an assistive listening device to hand to reap the full benefits of streaming, Bluetooth provides a unique listening experience solely for you. One core advantage is that Bluetooth technology allows you to obtain a far superior sound quality when using your hearing aids with other electronic devices.

The Bluetooth connection should be able to match your own personal requirements. Bluetooth will work on one or both hearing aids and settings can be altered for each hearing aid independently. For example, you may require a louder volume in one ear. Bluetooth hearing aids are available to buy, but at a high price. Therefore, other options such as ALDs and wireless streamers are an affordable alternative.

Which Bluetooth Hearing Aids Are Available?

As technologies improve, so do hearing aids. There are now a number of hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible and allow for wireless streaming between multiple devices. Visit our digital hearing aids page to find a device that is right for you.

This is an area that continues to advance. Recently, Apple patented a Bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids so that Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids can connect to the iOS platform on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The Apple item acts as an assistive listening device that streams audio content directly to the hearing aids. So, this may be one to keep an eye on! The Apple software and partnering brands will come at a cost. On-the-other-hand, ASD, neckloops, and wireless listeners act as an affordable and efficient alternative.

Which Wireless Items Do We Dispense?

At Hearing Direct, you will find many wireless items that will amplify sounds and enhance the way we listen.

Assistive Listening Devices - Our online store is full or wireless TV listeners, external headsets, and neckloops.

The Amplicomms TV 210-NL is one of our most prominent ALDs. While it may not be Bluetooth compatible, it can deliver that same high-quality sound direct to your ears. Not only does it generate interference-free sound, this neckloop also blocks unwanted background noise when using CI receivers or telecoil compatible hearing aids. If you find following your favorite TV programs a struggle, or you simply want the best possible sound at a volume level that suits you, the TV 210-NL is an invaluable solution. Also, we supply essential everyday items to improve your quality of life as well as the hard of hearing necessities needed to maintain an independent lifestyle. This includes: We believe you'd also be keen to explore: Wireless TV Headphones For The Hard Of Hearing

Why Don't Bluetooth Hearing Aids Exist?

This one is down to power. Hearing aid batteries are not solely powerful enough to offer an adequate or substantial Bluetooth service. They more than do the job for the most powerful hearing aids with the latest features. Unfortunately, they are unable to accommodate for a full implementation of Bluetooth.

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Stuart joined the hearing aid industry just at the start of the digital revolution in the mid 1990s. He was part of a team that transformed one of the minor manufacturers in to a major player in both production and retail of high technology hearing aids. This journey included working on public / private programmes to accelerate the uptake of high technology hearing aids across a wide distribution. This passion for improving the value and access to good quality hearing lead to the foundation of HearingDirect. After almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of customers we are starting to establish online sales as a practical, cost-effective channel to provide great hearing to all those who need help.

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