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The Perfect Christmas Gift For Teenagers was born with a vision to better serve the hearing impaired by giving easy access to state of the art digital hearing aids without having to endure the NHS or face the pressure sales of the Private Sector. The whole operation was geared towards those 4 million people in the UK, who have mild to moderate hearing loss yet to date have not done anything about it, other than (excuse the pun) suffering in silence. The vast majority of this group have classic age-related hearing loss (see our Guide to Hearing) or to give it its technical term, presbycusis. As this condition is for those of us who have left behind our teenage years you may wonder where I am going with this blog? Well, I have two teenage children. Delightful in many ways, teenagers in all other aspects. Their ability to throw off the duvet at a respectable time seemed to have been lost. They make a stunned sloth look active. I believe they are fairly normal though to be honest I haven’t engaged in a conversation for some while as coupled with being trapped by their duvets they have lost the art of communication. They don’t talk. They grunt.

Now the purpose of this blog was not to have a personal rant about my idle offspring, although I do feel better for that, it was to introduce you to the perfect Festive Gift for your teenagers. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the Sonic Alert SBB500SS Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock. This little gem was designed for people with a hearing loss so not only has an extremely loud ring it has the added joy of a vibrating pad which once inserted under the pillow provides endless wide-awake amusement. I am sure that all of you, who enjoy teenagers of your own will be way ahead of me but unbelievably there is a way to make this gift that little bit more special.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

I suggest rather than wrapping it and leaving under the Christmas Tree, you set it for an ungodly hour and while the little darlings are asleep put it in place – next to their bedside with vibrating pad gently slid under their pillow. In this way they do not so much as unwrap it as it unwraps them. It lifted the duvet clean off my startled daughter!

Now you may be rapidly drawing an image of a cruel father but the true irony of this, is that they both love their Sonic Alerts. Firstly when they do genuinely need to wake up it is the best alarm clock they have ever had and secondly it is a weapon of amusement to be deployed against others. I await my turn for the inevitable execution with resigned acceptance. If you live by the sword you must expect the odd nick now and again. It is somewhat bemusing that was set up with the best intentions of helping the hearing impaired and we have expanded to selling instruments of teenage torture but I do assure you that if required for its intended purpose this alarm clock is one of the best.

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