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Washington Post Reports on Hearing Aid Study

The Washington Post has reported that a recent hearing aid study found that hearing aids which cost around $1,900 are only slightly more effective than over the counter amplification devices. You can read the full story here.

The Hearing Aid Study

The hearing aid study compiled of 42 'older people' with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Researchers compared how well the participants repeated sentences spoken with interference from background noise. The researchers first tested the participants’ ability to understand the sentences without any assistance from hearing aids or amplification devices. Secondly, they tested the participants successively with a hearing aid and with five over the counter 'personal sound amplification products' (PSAPs).

Hearing Aid Study Results

Results of the hearing aid study were published in July in JAMA discovered there was not much difference between the $1,900 hearing aid and the $300-350 PSAPs. The results identified that the participants could accurately repeat around 75% of the words spoken to them without the need for assistance from hearing aids or amplification devices.

Compared to the impact of a hearing aid, this device boosted participant understanding to an average of 88%, with four of the five PSAPs almost as effective.

Read more about the hearing aid study here.

The Cost of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid cost will be an important factor when looking to buy hearing aids.

An expensive price tag can easily deter the purchase of a new device. The average cost of a hearing aid in the US is approximately $1,600 and it is common to see prices exceed $3,000 per hearing aid. However, at, you will find a selection of high-quality hearing aids loaded with all the required features at a better and more cost-effective price.

Affordable Hearing Aids

At, we supply a high-quality range of hearing aids. Our over the counter hearing aids allow you to buy hearing aids online without the need of medical approval or audiological review.
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The Hearing Direct range starts with our entry-level device, the HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid. The high-quality hearing aid is easy to operate, almost invisible when worn, incredibly small, and can sit comfortably in your ear. Most importantly, the HD91 is available at an extraordinary price, given the level of technology available. For something packed with the latest hearing technology, try the HD 430 RIC Digital Hearing Aid. The HD 430 RIC is designed to provide not only the ultimate in sound quality, but it's so small you're likely to forget you’re wearing it!

About Hearing Loss

About 20% of Americans are believed to suffer from some form of hearing loss, with a further one in three over the age of 65 said to be hearing impaired.

Hearing loss can be down to a number of things such as clogged ear, or you may only be able to hear out of one ear. The causes of these could be a blockage in the canal. wax build-up or possibly noise-induced.

Senorineural hearing loss (SHL) is one of the most common forms of hearing impairment. This is when the loss of hearing is more permanent than conductive hearing loss. However, SHL can be effectively managed by digital hearing aids.

Online Hearing Test

You can test your hearing with our online hearing test. It is free, only takes a few minutes, and you will receive your results instantly.

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