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Where to Buy Hearing Aids?

Identifying a need for a hearing aid may be not an easy step for many, however, it is as simple and as important as identifying the need for glasses The first action you need to take if you think you might need a hearing aid is to consult your GP to refer you to an ENT specialist or an audiologist, and have a hearing test. If the audiologist decides that you can benefit from a hearing aid there are a few ways in which you can get one. One option is to apply for NHS hearing aids, which are free of charge but they are not available immediately as there is waiting time, usually a few weeks. Another disadvantage of NHS hearing aids is that they are usually limited in terms of choice as NHS generally only provides behind the ear, body worn, bone conduction, bone anchored, CROS and BiCROS hearing aids. Other types of hearing aids such as in the ear, in the canal and completely in the canal are rarely offered by the NHS. You can buy all types of hearing aids privately either from a high street shop/independent dispenser or online. If you decide to buy your hearing aid privately, you should be aware of the most suitable aid for you and the expected cost. Prices for different models vary considerably and can reach into the thousands of pounds per aid for one ear. Usually buying from a shop is much more expensive as there are additional costs added to the device - you pay also for the service, staff, etc. The benefit of such a face-to-face consultation can be for people that have a special or more severe hearing impairment condition and need a custom fit hearing aid. Purchasing online is another option and the prices are low. An example is the HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid offered on Buying hearing aids online has become a popular and easy way to have an affordable device without having to wait. The advantages of buying your hearing aid online are that:
  • you have immediate access to various models and their features
  • you are not pressured by time or sales techniques as when in a shop
  • delivery of the hearing aid can be done the next day
  • you can find the best value for your money
It is very important, when buying a hearing aid, to make sure it has a sufficient trial period (ideally a month) to check that the hearing aid is right for you and you feel comfortable with it. In addition, you should inform yourself about the warranty period of the device. All hearing aids at have a no quibble 30 day full money back guarantee and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty as well as a free pack of batteries to test them immediately you receive them.
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