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Widex Micro Tubes

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$19.99 - $19.99
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Which Ear: Left
Size: 0

The Widex Micro Tubes are compatible with a wide range of behind-the-ear Widex hearing aids, specifically the "m" or "FA" models & come in pack of 4.

What is it?

  • Pack of 4 replacement tubes
  • Available for left (blue) and right (red) ear in 6 lengths sizes: from 0 to 5
  • To find out what size you need, please have a look at the number printed in blue (for the left ear) and red (for the right ear) at the bottom of the tubing where the dome goes over the tubing. That will indicate you what size you need to order. If the number on the tubing has rubbed off or you are unsure as to whether the tubing will fit your model, please contact our audiology team at 
  • Widex recommends that the tubes are replaced every 6 months or sooner if required. Splits or tears in the tubes are likely to affect sound delivery.

Suitable with: 

  • To fit Widex 'micro' or 'fashion' BTE models with ‘m’ or ‘FA’ in the product name
  • 'm' and 'FA' refer to the way in which Widex describes their behind-the-ear hearing aid shapes. Products that use this tubing usually have 'm' or 'FA' in their model number. E.g. Widex Dream440 m-CB; Widex Dream330 m-CB; Widex Dream220 m-CB; Widex Dream110 m-CB; Menu 10 ME-m; Menu 5 ME-m; Menu 3 ME-m

Please note that the tubing packaging does not include domes or anchors (which may have been fitted to your tubing to help with retention). Widex manufacture a range of domes in different sizes and they must be ordered separately.

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