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Hearing Aids Colors

Hearing aids come in a variety of types, shapes and colours. Long gone are the days when all hearing devices were only beige and skin colored in order to be made invisible. The stigma that was once associated with wearing hearing aids is in the past and people recognize and take measures for prevention of hearing loss or treatment on a much larger scale. To meet the taste and age of every wearer hearing aids exist in an abundance of colours and prints, ranging from skin coloured to bright and funky. HearingDirect hearing aids are mainly discreet but there are some bold choices for those that prefer life in colour!

Discreet Hearing Aids

All hearing aids models in the Hearing Direct range are small and discreet providing maximum comfort and unobtrusiveness. Because we want to keep our prices as low as possible we don't offer a wide color range.

Funky Colored Hearing Aids

Younger adults and children sometimes prefer to decorate their hearing aids or to experiment with colors and prints. The choice of a bold color of a hearing aid gives them uniqueness and a cool factor that acts as a fashion statement. For children, especially, showing that hearing aids can be fun and attract attention can help in situations when the child does not want to wear them or perceive them as old fashioned and boring.

Manufacturers around the world have started the trend of offering a plethora of colors, personal prints, cartoon characters or any other design the wearer demands. Often children’s hearing aids are adorned with flowers, butterflies, tiger prints or a smiling SpongeBob. The choice is unlimited and every design may be modified to match the taste of the wearer.

Regardless of the type – in the ear or behind the ear, the device can be bright pink or turquoise green. Some companies, such as Phonak even provide different stickers that can be attached to the hearing device to give it a personal touch. After wearing it for a while, you can easily replace it with a new one.

For those who like an extravagance, though, there are even braver and more fashionable options such as Swarovski crystals incrustation or having a corresponding design of the hearing aid and mobile phone. Hearrings, special jewelry designed to mask hearing aids, are also a popular choice. Regardless of the choice of color, however, discreet or brighter, the important thing is to feel comfortable with your device and have the functions and features that you need. Choosing a color could add a note of excitement and personality and can transform the hearing aid from an unwanted inconvenience into a cool and attractive accessory.

About Hearing Direct

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