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New TV Listeners, Hearing Aids & Accessories: November 2016

Hearing aids, TV listeners and accessories are some of the new products we added to our expanding website in November. The HearingDirect online catalogue continues to grow and we are pleased to be able to offer more items from trusted global brands to assist your hearing needs. This month, the choice of hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and wireless TV listeners has increased. This includes products from internationally renowned brands such as Amplicomms, Geemarc and more. We have also updated our Sales & Clearance section which features a number of super products at a discounted price so make sure you check them out!

Wireless TV Listeners:

Wireless TV Listeners are one of our most popular products and that’s why we are delighted to bring you more assistive listening devices. If you find following your favourite TV program difficult, or you simply want to capture the best possible sound at the volume that suits you, wireless TV listeners could be a great solution. Our range of Wireless TV Listeners and Assistive Listening Devices are designed with hearing impairments in mind and we stock an expansive set of wireless TV listeners, headphones, neckloops and more.

The Amplicomms TV 200 Wireless TV Listener has replaced the TV 150 model. The amplified headset effortlessly transmits sound from your TV, hi-fi, iPod, mobile or CD player and the extra loud headset can amplify volume up to 112dB. With the lightweight TV listener, you can independently turn up the volume to suit your needs, leaving others in the room to listen at a more comfortable level. We also now stock an additional headset for the TV 200. The product is only compatible with the Amplicomms TV 200 Wireless TV Listener and you can recharge up to two headsets on the base. The TV 200 also comes in neckloop form. The Amplicomms TV 210-NL Wireless Neckloop generates superior, interference free sound transmission and blocks unwanted background noise when hearing aids that are telecoil compatible. Additional TV 210-NL headsets are also available.

The Geemarc LH10 Hearing Assistant is an amplified listening device designed to provide an affordable alternative to using hearing aids. You can control the balance between the left and right ears, which helps to maintain a clearer more natural sound and features an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB. This is particularly useful in large public spaces such as cinemas and theatres, where capturing speech is more difficult.

Hearing Aids:

As ever, we have added more hearing aids to our website. We house a reliable collection of discreet and invisible hearing aids and we have expertly created a fine selection of valuable resources, including guides on Best Hearing Aids to Buy and Hearing Aid Types. This month we have updated our More Hearing Aids section, which features hearing aids from reliable brands such as Oticon and GN ReSound. *

With Oticon, we have introduced 5 new ranges which feature over 10 new hearing aid models. The premium range of Oticon hearing aids starts with the more basic Ria models, to the more accomplished Alta and Opn devices. The premium Oticon Opn receiver in canal hearing aid boasts some exciting new scientific advancements. Not only does it provide superior technology, but it also processes data up to 50 times faster than previous Oticon models. Discreet to wear, it fits comfortably and offers a more natural listening experience.

The Oticon Dynamo SP range comes in four models. The Dynamo SP4 is the entry-level device, with the SP6 and SP8 mid-range models and the SP10 the top of the range spec. As a collection of powerful behind the ear hearing aids, they’re designed to support those with severe to profound hearing loss. If you live a quiet, simple life, where more sophisticated noise reduction technology would be obsolete, then these hearing aids could tick all the boxes. A number of devices that we’ve added come in two versions. The Oticon Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 all come with pro models that have extra features.

The Alta2 is ideal for moderately noisy listening environments. For more sophisticated processing, you could consider the Alta2 Pro or if there is a budget in mind, Oticon Nera2 or Nera Pro2 may be the hearing aids to consider. The most basic new Oticon hearing aids we’ve added this month are the Ria2 and Ria2 Pro. As with all Oticon hearing aids, they provide high levels of processing power and offer expert hearing clarity. In October we added the GN ReSound LiNX 2 range and this month we bring to you the Enzo2 models. The Enzo2 5 is the most basic device in this collection and the Enzo2 9 is the more sophisticated hearing aid bursting with the latest technological features.

If you’re in need of a superpower hearing aid but are restricted by budget, the entry-level Enzo2 5 is one of the smallest super-power hearing aids on the market and one of the loudest. The mid-range Enzo2 7 BTE superpower hearing aid is the next model up. Fully compatible with Apple products, the ReSound device can stream music, audio books or telephone conversations directly to you without the need for additional accessories. The superior Enzo2 9 is the top model from the Enzo 2 range and can operate in the most challenging of listening environments. In fact, Enzo’s hearing technology has turned this model into one of the most powerful hearing aids available.

*Please note that the Oticon and ReSound hearing aids are not directly retailed from HearingDirect, we only advertise them on the website. Fill in the forms for more information.


November saw us update our hearing aid accessories. Already available in a pack of 4, we know stock Starkey Hear Clear Wax Guards in a pack of 48 which offers great value to our customers.

We also stock more general accessories to assist your hearing needs. We have added two new remote controls from Amplicomms, the BKR 11 and BKR 33. Both are universal remote controls, are very easy to use (especially the BKR 11) and the BKR 33 has a few more features such as illuminated backlit, favorites buttons and digital keypad.

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