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Popular Speakerphones For Hard Of Hearing

The market offers various assistive options for the hard of hearing. Some of the most popular devices are the extra loud phones with a speakerphone option together with extensive sound amplification features. Unlike traditional phones that sound muted or distorted to the hard of hearing when placed on speakerphone, these popular devices below are specifically designed to use in a non-held manner.

White desk phone with extra large buttons 

Geemarc AmpliCall100 Extra Loud Telephone is an amplified phone that is suitable for the most severe types of hearing loss. It features advanced functions including large buttons, a speakerphone, and loud volume up to 40dB. The phone is compatible with hearing aids. The receiving tone control can be adjusted up to 10dB. The ringer volume is also adjustable. The extra bright indicator on the phone notifies of awaiting calls and messages. 


Clarity AltoPlus Extra Loud Desk Phone


Clarity AltoPlus Extra Loud Desk Phone, as its name suggests, is a smart desk phone with a contemporary design and large buttons. It has a backlit soft-touch keypad which makes it easy to operate, even in the dark. It has Caller ID and a large bright visual ringer. With amplification of up to 53dB on incoming calls and 15 dB on outgoing speech, this is an incredibly loud phone. You can easily adjust both the tone and the volume of the Clarity Alto Plus to suit your specific needs.


Clarity JV35 talking desk amplified phone
Clarity JV35 Talking Desk Amplified Phone

The Clarity JV35 amplified phone is designed to assist those with hearing and vision loss. This is not only a speakerphone but has a voice keypad with big backlit buttons which repeats every number you dial so you can be sure you’ve chosen the correct number. It also has a speed dial facility where the buttons can be programmed to speak the name of the person for that speed dial out loud. It has an extra loud ringer of up to 95 decibels, and an adjustable incoming volume of 50 decibels. 

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