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Rechargeable Hearing Aids Guide

Rechargeable hearing aids add innovative new technology to the traditional hearing aid. They are the future of hearing aids and replace the need for disposable hearing aid batteries.

What is a rechargeable hearing aid?

These are digital hearing aids with a built-in rechargeable battery. They incorporate a host of cutting-edge features to help improve your hearing without compromising on simplicity. The built-in battery is the key component and its ability to be directly charged in a docking station or via USB cable. An efficient charging method leads to a quick power-up which can easily be done overnight when they are not in use. With no need to purchase a supply of batteries, they could save you money in the long run. See our full range of hearing aids here.

How do rechargeable hearing aids work?

Digital rechargeable hearing aids are completely based on the ability to directly charge up the hearing aid. Their built-in power source, which will often be in the form of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and their easy to charge approach keeps them simple. The lithium-ion inductive charging has been designed with speed and quality to ensure the hearing aids maintain their full functionality. With their high-quality features, rechargeable hearing aids deliver continuous and accomplished sounds. Often, they will have LED indicators to clearly display the battery power.

Rechargeable hearing aids have several charging methods. The hearing aid can either be connected directly to the mains, placed in a dock or charging station and some can be used with a USB power charger. This boasts added ease, especially when traveling. Overall, they work no differently to standard hearing aids. All that is new is a few added features and a rechargeable battery built-in to the device.

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

Digital rechargeable hearing aids assist millions of hard of hearing people all over the world. They are an effective way of managing sensorineural hearing loss and can improve the quality of life of the hearing impaired. Rechargeable hearing aids come packed with the latest technology to bring added improvements to the traditional hearing aid types. Some benefits of a rechargeable device include:
  • Quick and easy to charge
  • No longer have to constantly purchase new batteries
  • Removes the hassle of fitting hearing aid batteries
  • Improved hearing performance thanks to enhanced power
  • Charge them anywhere at any time (all you need is a power supply)

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

As rechargeable hearing aids are an emerging development in the hearing aid industry, many hearing aid wearers still use generic devices that require disposable batteries. Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries remove the worry of your hearing aids running out of power and having to re-stock. Rechargeable batteries come in packs of two cells, are mercury free, environmentally friendly, and can be recharged within two hours. During their lifecycle, each rechargeable battery has the potential to replace up to 57 standard hearing aid batteries.

At, we also supply a number of rechargeable hearing aid batteries that are suitable for all types of hearing aids no matter what type or brand. We supply Power One rechargeable hearing aid batteries in sizes 10, 13, and size 312, replacing the need to use conventional hearing aid batteries.

Hearing aids from

August 2019 we introduced our two new rechargeable hearing aids the HD 200 and the HD 400. We do provide a special range of affordable hearing aids designed to help you save money rather than spending thousands by purchasing a device privately. This includes an expert collection of invisible hearing aids for ultimate discretion. Click here to see our range of digital hearing aids.

Test your hearing

We have built our very own hearing test so you can check your hearing in the comfort of your own home. With our online hearing test, there is no need to book an appointment, all you need is a few spare minutes and some headphones. Just supply a few details and when you have completed the test we will instantly email you your results which will indicate if you should take further action. Click here to test your hearing.

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