Best Phones for the Hard of Hearing

17 September, 2020 | Gary Hill
Phones for the hard of hearing can help ease communication for both the hearing impaired and the elderly. Their easy to use fe ...

Phones For Seniors - Our Best Cordless Selection

30 January, 2018 | Gary Hill
Phones for seniors are designed with simplicity in mind. They also provide the added benefits of visual and audio alerts to as ...

The Best Amplified Cordless Phones for the Elderly

29 January, 2018 | Gary Hill
Amplified phones aren't just useful for the hearing impaired. They are also highly beneficial to the elderly or those seeking ...

Loud Speakerphones For The Hard Of Hearing

11 September, 2017 | Gary Hill
Loud Speakerphones provide the added benefit of amplified voice volume, adding a louder and clearer sound to the calls you hav ...

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