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Phones For Seniors - Our Best Cordless Selection

Phones for seniors are designed with simplicity in mind. They also provide the added benefits of visual and audio alerts to assist the hard of hearing and seeing. At Hearing Direct, you will find a selection of amplified phones for hearing impaired seniors designed to improve communication.

Why Choose User-Friendly Phones for Seniors?

Unlike standard phones, amplified phones for the hearing impaired focus on the most fundamental functions, yet still offer a simple and smart design. These accessible phones for seniors help maintain an independent lifestyle by delivering an effective telephone service. Staying in touch with loved ones should be a pleasure, and with the right phone, it is…

Cordless phones offer freedom. You won't be restricted by wires or cables so you will be free to be mobile inside and out. Many of the models we supply cater for multiple handsets. You can place phones all around the home, so you'll never miss a call again! Of course, if you prefer, corded models are still very much an option. Added amplification is also a unique and key element. As we age, our hearing can naturally depreciate and it is more common for seniors to experience hearing loss. That's why amplified phones have been so effectively produced.

Key Benefits Of Amplified Phones For Seniors

Phones for seniors are simple. Phones for seniors are effective. Amplified phones feature the most important communicative aspects. These core functions are focused on the ageing and hard of hearing community. They include essential elements from standard phones but special features greatly benefit those with visual or hearing impairments or those after a simple telephone.

Key features of amplified cordless phones:

  • Extra-loud ringer
  • Extra-loud voice volume
  • Straightforward functions
  • Easy-to-use large buttons
  • Backlit keypads
  • Clear, large and bright visual display

Some extra features include:

  • Telecoil compatibility for those with hearing aids
  • A visual ring indicator
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Amplified answer phone in case you miss a call
  • Caller ID for easy contact recognition
When browsing our cordless phones for seniors, full product descriptions and features are listed. For those seeking a simple device, big button phones present an easy to use alternative.

Recommended Amplified Cordless Phones For Seniors

At Hearing Direct, we retail a number of amplified cordless phones in the US, UK, and the rest of the world. Browse a selection of cordless phones for seniors, as well as the hard of hearing or those seeking a simple yet sophisticated telephone. The telephones we supply come from reliable and recognized brands. Shop cordless phones from the following manufacturers: Many phones for seniors are affordable. Their designs focus on ease of use, making them ideal for the elderly, with or without hearing or visual impairments.

Clarity BT914 Amplified Phone

The Clarity BT914 Amplified Cordless phone offers up to 40dB of added amplification. This extra-loud model can accommodate and be paired with up to five additional handsets to extend communication to a number of rooms in your home. With Bluetooth compatibility, you can also link up a number of devices to enhance conversations.
  • Adjustable receiving volume control up to 40dB
  • Pair up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets or accessories
  • Download up to 1,000 contacts from your cell phone via Bluetooth
  • Digital answering machine
  • Loud and clear handset speakerphone
  • Caller ID display that also flashes as a visual ringer
  • Large, easy-to-use keypad
The Clarity BT914 is hearing aid compatible with those with telecoil settings.

Clarity D714 Duo Amplified Cordless Phones

Full of the latest and must-have communication features, the Clarity D714 Duo Amplified Cordless Phone system is the complete package. This new generation D714 phone package includes two cordless handsets with a built-in amplified answering machine and speakerphone, as well as offering an extra loud, incoming adjustable volume of up to 40dB.
  • DECT 6.0 technology reduced background noise and improves clarity
  • Adjustable receiving volume control up to 40dB
  • Manage soft/loud sounds to produce clarity
  • Minimize background noises
  • Easy to see high contrast numbers
  • Backlit keypad
  • Large font and high contrast caller ID screen
On the whole, the Clarity D714 Duo offers a versatile communication solution for the hard of hearing, visually impaired and those with mobility issues.

Geemarc AmpliDect 350

The Geemarc Amplidect 350 amplified phone has been purposefully designed for maximum hearing aid compatibility to boost the conversation experience.

phones for seniors

With adjustable volume control (up to 30dB) to help match your requirements, the AmpliDect 350 also features a boost button for great amplification and clarity.

  • Adjustable receiving volume control up to 40dB
  • High-quality speakerphone
  • High-resolution backlit caller ID display
  • Extra large easy to see display font
  • Phonebook up to 50 numbers (12 characters, 20 digits)
When hearing aids are used in the 'T' position, background interferences are kept to a minimum, for a clear sound free of feedback.

Stay Safe from Unwanted Calls

Call blockers help prevent fraud, scam, spam, and unwanted sales calls from coming through. Phonecall blocking technology will help you stay free from these harassing calls, which means you do not have to worry about who may be calling you. With nuisance calls a growing concern, a blocker can seriously assist the vulnerable, yet encourage and maintain independent living. For added peace of mind, combine blockers with a hearing impaired phone for seniors for the ultimate home set up.

Age-Related Hearing Loss Is Natural…

It is estimated that one in three people aged 65 and over suffer from some type of hearing loss. Ageing cannot be fought and it's only natural that we notice signs that our hearing is not as good as it once was. Age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, is a common form of sensorineural hearing loss condition that primarily affects the ageing hair cells within the inner ear. Our natural ageing process means these hair cells can weaken, become easily damaged, and no longer function as they once did. As a result, hearing loss can occur.

Check Your Hearing Online For Free

Should you have any worries about your hearing, a family member, or friend's, take our free online hearing test.
The results will indicate if you need to take further action to prevent hearing loss.

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