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Loud Speakerphones For The Hard Of Hearing

Loud Speakerphones provide the added benefit of amplified voice volume, adding a louder and clearer sound to the calls you have and the messages left on your answering machine. In this informative blog post, we highlight their benefits and explore a range of top models available on our web store.

Why try Loud Speakerphones?

We supply a vast range of amplified phones with loudspeaker options. We offer a wide selection of extra loud speakerphones from leading brands such as:

Are you like many others, who’ve tried to cope with your existing non-amplified phone for as long as possible? Have you ridden the rocky road of gradual hearing loss, where you’ve had to utilize the speakerphone option on its loudest setting, simply to communicate effectively? This method works to a point, but sooner or later, a transition to an amplified phone may become necessary.

If you want a loud speakerphone to enable you to go hands-free and still hold a conversation, then this feature would be a great benefit to any home, office or workplace. Visit our Amplified Phones page to see the complete collection of loud speakerphones for the hearing impaired.

Hearing Direct's Amplified Phone Range

We offer a super range of innovative speakerphones. You have the choice of amplified corded desk phones and cordless phones. We thought we’d pick out a small selection to highlight the key factors:
  • Whether they are hearing aid compatible using your telecoil settings
  • Receiver and voice volume

To give you some perspective, 30dB is approximately 8 times louder than a standard landline telephone. As with all amplified phones, extra levels of volume are key and is a core attribute towards their amplification. Extra loud phones provide boosted levels of ringer volume, as well as higher levels of voice volume without losing out on clarity. The option to use speakerphones mean you can make great use of these benefits.

Alternatively, those seeking an easy to use model may prefer a big button phone which prides itself on simplicity

Corded Amplified Desk Top Phones with Speakerphone Option

The traditional corded phone is great for the home, office or workplace. Our easy to use amplified corded phones boast great speakerphone options so you don't miss out on vital conversations.

Clarity Alto Digital Extra Loud Desk Phone

silver and red loud speaker corded desk phone

Designed specifically to assist those with mild to severe hearing loss, the Clarity Alto Digital Extra Loud Desk Phone comes supplied with an extra-large backlit keypad and an oversized flashing visual ringer indicator. With a one-touch customer support button, raising the alarm is a super simple process.

Telecoil Compatible: Yes

Receiver Volume: 53dB

Geemarc Ampli550 Extra Loud Digital Phone

Accessibility is the keyword with the Geemarc Ampli550 Extra Loud Digital Phone. Extra loud receiving volume, adjustable tone control, and hearing aid compatibility mean it can easily be customized to your hearing loss. The Ampli550 takes vocalization one step further to include caller ID: when someone rings, the telephone will tell you their number or their name.

Telecoil Compatible: Yes

Receiver Volume: 50dB

Cordless Loudspeaker Phones

Cordless phones are ideal for any home. Amplified cordless phones allow you the freedom to have a phone call anywhere in our house, whether it be in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Clarity D712 Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine

white cordless loud speaker phone

Thanks to the loud and clear amplification and speakerphone the Clarity D712 Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine provides, you will be able to listen and retrieve easily all of your calls and messages. This phone also comes as a trio set of phones - Clarity D712 Trio Amplified Cordless Telephones With Answering Machine.

Telecoil Compatible: Yes

Receiver Volume: 40dB

Clarity XLC3.4+ Amplified Cordless Telephone

The Clarity XLC3.4+ Amplified Cordless Telephone not only comes with hands-free speaker phone capability, but also has a bright visual ringer indicator, a belt clip for hands-free capability, and a one-touch customer support button, offering enormous versatility.

Telecoil Compatible: Yes

Receiver Volume: 50dB

Check your hearing

We have even built a free online hearing test so you can check your hearing to see if you should take action on preventing potential forms of hearing loss.

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