Vibrating Alarm Clock Review 2020

23 October, 2020 | Gary Hill
With a vibrating alarm clock you will notice a sharp difference to your morning wake-up routine. Some pack a real punch, somet ...

Loud Alarm Clocks for the Hearing Impaired

16 October, 2020 | Gary Hill
Alarm clocks for the hearing impaired are of great use to people with hearing loss who have difficulty hearing standard alarm ...

Black Friday Deals From Hearing Direct 2018

20 November, 2018 | Gary Hill
Black Friday deals from Hearing Direct offer you the chance to grab a bargain in our 2018 Black Friday sale. Black Friday De ...

Devices for the Hard of Hearing in the Home and Workplace

05 November, 2018 | Gary Hill
Devices for the Hard of Hearing help the hearing loss community by providing enhanced sounds. Alongside your digital hearing a ...

World’s Loudest Alarm Clock

02 October, 2017 | Gary Hill
Without a doubt, the ultimate winner in our loudest alarm clock category is the Sonic Alert sbb500ss Sonic Bomb. It boasts an ...

Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

25 September, 2017 | Gary Hill
Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers can be the difference between waking up in the morning on time, or sleeping through your alarm ...

Best Alarm Clocks for deaf and Hard of Hearing Reviewed

15 August, 2017 | Gary Hill
Which is the best alarm clock for deaf and hard of hearing people? Finding the best one to help you start the day right after ...

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