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Vibrating Alarm Clock Review 2020

With a vibrating alarm clock you will notice a sharp difference to your morning wake-up routine.Some pack a real punch, something that our smartphones don't offer. We've written a quick review of a selection of our leading vibrating alarm clocks to help you decide. 

Loud alarm clocks that also vibrate!

We have a great selection of loud alarm clocks, many of which come with vibration alerts and bed shakers to seriously help kickstart your morning. As one of the world's most common alerting devices, vibrating alarm clocks are perfect for the hard to wake, and hard of hearing alike. Our selection is tailored for the hearing loss community, but all this extra vibration and amplified alarms are ideal for the deepest of sleepers. Sometimes a generic alarm does not quite suffice so additional sensory triggers are required - step forward vibrating alarm clocks.

Vibrating Alarm Clocks From Hearing Direct

Here's our reviews of our leading vibrating alarm clocks.

Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

vibrating alarm clocks
The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock from Sonic Alert is actually one of the loudest alarm clocks in production today. The SBB500SS is a bedside unit designed for the hard-to-wake individuals and for those with hearing loss. The ringer can be adjusted up to 113dB (as loud as a jackhammer 1 meter away) guaranteeing to add extra boom to your morning. The clock features a supercharged bed shaker and has pulsing alert lights. The bright, red display and alarm ring indicator helps in waking up the heaviest of sleepers. In addition, the Sonic Bomb has a volume and tone control wheel and a dimmer switch.

Geemarc AmpliCALL 500 Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Geemarc Amplicall500 Loud alarm clock
The Geemarc AmpliCALL 500 delivers multiple alerting methods to get you up and out of bed. With its built-in amplified alarm at 95dB (imagine someone mowing the lawn with a petrol mower right next to your bed), flashing lights and powerful bed shaker, you can experience the ultimate wake-up call and get ready to say goodbye to oversleeping.

Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System

digital vibrating alarm clocks 
For a multi-purpose vibrating alarm clock, look no further than the Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System. Yes, it provides a powerful bed shaking tactic to awake you, but it is so much more. The AL10 will also alert you to incoming telephone calls and react to the ringing of your doorbell thanks to its finely tuned sensors. Simply plug it into your wall socket and you're ready to go. It also offers a large backlit display for easy time-telling.

Sonic Alert SB300SS Vibrating Alarm Clock

SonicAlert SB300SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock With Big Display

Another model from Sonic Alert. The Sonicalert SB300SS Vibrating Alarm Clock hosts a similar set of features as their Sonic Bomb device. Boasting a super simple design and easy functions, this clock offers an adjustable amplified alarm up to 113dB, so its alerting power is undeniable. it does exactly what it says on the label and is very popular.

Sonic Alert SB600SS Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert SB600SS Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock
The Sonic Alert SB600SS Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock means you don't need to worry about being woken up when away from home.  Whilst not the loudest in their range, the 100dB max volume is still louder than most alarm clocks of a similar size. The addition of the bed shaker or vibration pad is a nice touch – this can be left under the pillow and also help to get someone up and about. Plus, as so many people keep their smartphones or tablets by the bed, and you can keep them charged up through the USB outlet on the alarm clock.

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