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Black Friday Deals From Hearing Direct 2018

Black Friday deals from Hearing Direct offer you the chance to grab a bargain in our 2018 Black Friday sale. black friday deals

Black Friday Deals

Kickstart the Christmas shopping season with our Black Friday deals. At Hearing Direct, you will find a number of discounted products in our sale. Shop a wide range of items ideal for the hearing impaired, seniors, or anyone seeking amplified products. We plan to host special offers and Black Friday deals across the entirety of our website so be sure to return to grab a bargain.

What's On Offer At Hearing Direct?

Explore a wide range of Black Friday deals. Our sale will help you spend less and save plenty of money over the Thanksgiving weekend. So, make sure you grab a deal whilst stocks last.

Start shopping our sale items today.

black friday deals 2018 from hearing direct

Digital Hearing Aid Deals

Hearing Direct hearing aids are designed to be affordable and thanks to some Black Friday Deals, they will be even more affordable. Enhance your listening experience with the HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid - one of our entry-level devices. Almost invisible when worn, it’s incredibly small and can sit comfortably in your ear without the need to visit an audiologist. For those on a budget, this could be a star find.
HD250 Digital hearing aid HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid
The HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid is one of our most popular models. The HD 250 is packed full of all the best bits, without compromising on quality. As an in-the-ear device, it’s small, incredibly discreet and comfortable to wear. There’s no need to visit an audiologist for a fitting, as one size fits all. Why not check it out for yourself? For a top of the range device, try the HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid. The HD 500 embodies everything you could wish for in a digital hearing aid. Packed to bursting with the latest hearing technology, the in-the-canal device is designed to provide not only the ultimate in sound quality but is incredibly comfortable to wear. Being so small, it’s almost invisible when worn and so light, you are likely to forget you’re wearing it!

Hearing Aid Battery Deals

To ensure your digital hearing aids remain in fine working order, you will need hearing aid batteries. We supply all the common sizes of batteries from trusted brands such as Rayovac, who are Hearing Direct's "best battery buy". Shop hearing aids batteries today.

Super Loud Telephones

Amplified phones for the Hard of Hearing help people better manage hearing loss and stay in touch. Our Black Friday deals offer you the chance to seek out a new phone at a discounted price for a limited time. At Hearing Direct, we are able to bring to you a fine collection of amplified phones from recognized manufacturers including Clarity Phones, Geemarc, Amplicom, and CPR Call Blocker.
Clarity BT914 Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine Clarity BT914 Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine
Browse a sophisticated collection of super loud phones which features cordless, corded, and loudspeaker phones. They boast ringer and speech volume which is far greater than standard house phones. Many of our extra loud phones are also hearing aid compatible. Whatever your hearing needs, an amplified phone can help ease communication and improve your quality of life. Don't forget to view our Nuisance Call Blockers so you too can stay safe from fraudsters over the phone.

Extra Loud Alarm Clocks

Start the day right with a loud alarm clock. Keep an eye out for our Black Friday deals for a superset of alarm clocks designed to wake the hard of hearing and hard to wake alike. Our extra loud alarm clock collection is also home to one of the world's loudest alarm clocks on the market today.
Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock
Probably one of our most popular models, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has been purposely designed to wake the deepest of sleepers and is perfect for anyone with hearing loss. With up to 113dB and the most powerful 12 Volt bed shaker, it will certainly make you jump out of bed. Kickstart every morning with an array of alerting tactics to make you feel seriously awake. We also supply visual alerting devices and vibration pads for an added wake-up call.

Discounted Hearing Aid Accessories

We supply a number of hearing aid accessories to complement your device. Whether you need spares or replacements, or new parts, our accessories can help keep your hearing aid in fine working order. Also, our online store is home to a selection of hearing protection items including earplugs to help keep your hearing and ears safe from harmful noises.

BONUS: Free Online Hearing Test

When was the last time you checked your hearing? Have you tested your hearing recently? Our online hearing test is completely free and only takes a few minutes to complete. Plus the results are instant and will indicate if you should take further action to protect your hearing. Click the button above to check your hearing. Should you have any concern, we advise you to consult a medical professional for a clinical assessment.

Top Tips For Shopping Black Friday Deals With Hearing Loss

This time of year can be hectic for shopping. Bracing the masses instore can be a chaotic experience and even more exhausting for the hearing impaired. We have put together some useful tips to ease your shopping experiences this Christmas:
  • Plan your shopping trip: Make a list of everywhere you need to go and the things you need so you can efficiently navigate the crowds.
  • Call ahead: Contact stores to see if they are hearing loss friendly. E.g. Does the shop have a loop system installed?
  • Shop with a friend: It may be easier to find exactly what you need if you don't go by yourself.
  • Bring extra batteries: If you wear hearing aids, make sure you bring some extra hearing aid batteries!

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. Hearing Direct offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell:

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