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Hearing Aid Reviews 2019

Hearing aid reviews for the current set of devices we dispense. We've reviewed the models we supply so you can get all the need to know information all in one place. This latest update covers hearing aids available at the start of 2019.

2019 Hearing Aid Reviews

At Hearing Direct, we offer a comprehensive collection of digital hearing aids. Let us guide you through the makes and models available as well as how our happy customers have reviewed the devices they purchased. You can check out the latest customer hearing aid reviews on the relevant product pages. We have also reviewed other key products and detailed evaluations can be found on our blog.

Low Cost Digital Hearing Aids

We dispense hearing aids in a number of countries all over the globe including the US, UK, Europe, and Australia (depending on your location, different devices may be available). With plenty of hearing aid reviews, you will be able to check out what people really think of the hearing instruments available from Hearing Direct.

HD 250 ITE Hearing Aid

We start with one of our most popular devices. The HD 250 is also the hearing aid that has been reviewed the most on our website.
Hd 250 digital hearing aid and a dime HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

This is one of our mid-range models. It contains all the essential elements you'd expect so you can effectively manage your impairment. As an in the ear device, this model is super small and super lightweight but is still loaded with the fundamental features.

Key features:

  • Programmable to match audiograms
  • Tri-mode layered noise reduction
  • Feedback shield to block unwanted whistling
  • Dynamic speech enhancement
  • Three different sized fitting tips
  • Low battery warning

HD 250 hearing aid reviews:

"I am absolutely 100% happy with my HD250. I can regulate the sound level and in fact listening to TV I keep turning the volume down, and my wife has to keep on telling me to turn the volume up!! She now is in charge of the remote!" - David G

"When it arrived I could not believe how small it was I am thrilled with it and wish I had bought it months ago. The aftercare has been brilliant too." - Patricia A

"I am writing to thank you for the HD250 hearing aid that I purchased for my wife a short time ago. She is absolutely delighted with the aid. It's small size and performance is incredible as well as its low cost. My wife is truly amazed to hear sounds that she has long forgotten ever existed." - C Loveland

"Fantastic I've just got the HD250. Worth every penny comfortable easy to put in the ear. Makes life that much better would recommend this product to you my family never even noticed I had it in." - Geoff Y

You can check out all the other hearing aid reviews on the product page.

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