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What Does 'Hearing Aid Compatible' Mean?

We list some Assistive Listening Devices or ‘ALDs’ on our website as being ‘hearing aid compatible'. But what is the meaning of 'hearing aid compatible'?

What Does 'Hearing Aid Compatible' Mean?

Assistive Listening Device is the industry term used to describe any product which provides extra amplification for specific environments – such as hearing better on the phone or making sure someone is alerted to their doorbell ringing. When we list a device as hearing aid compatible it means that it can link into the telecoil or loop setting of any hearing aid.

For example, on a phone such as the Clarity P300 Amplified Photo Phone, it would mean that a hearing aid wearer can listen to the person speaking via their telecoil or ‘T’ setting. You will only need to switch your hearing aid to the T position. The phone is usually automatically set to transmit to the loop within the hearing aid so you don't need to do anything on the phone.

The important thing to note is that ‘hearing aid compatible’ in the context of ALDs doesn’t imply that all ALDs will be ok to use with all hearing aids. It specifically refers to the use of a telecoil setting.

Is there any advantage to using a ‘T’ setting?

Amplified products obviously are louder, but some people find it difficult to use a phone with a hearing aid. Especially if it whistles when the phone is near to the hearing aid. Switching the hearing aid to the ‘T’ position disables the hearing aid’s microphone. This prevents any chance of feedback or whistling. Bear in mind that a telecoil option is not supplied as standard on every hearing aid, so please do check this if the ‘hearing aid compatible’ feature is of interest.

For more information read our blog post on "Making the most of your Telecoil Settings"

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