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10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas from HearingDirect bring you a collection of 10 products that are ideal as stocking fillers or make great gifts for the hard of hearing.

We present a list of top-quality products designed to aid the life of those with hearing impairments and our gift ideas will help you with finding the perfect present for your loved ones at Christmas time. Our Christmas gift ideas are here to help those with hearing loss and our current selection of gift ideas are available at a discounted price - see our sales clearance items.

We have offers on hearing aids, amplified phones, wireless tv listeners, wireless speakers, domes, accessories and more, all of which will be of valuable use to the hearing impaired.

The HearingDirect 10 Christmas gift ideas make for great stocking fillers and a lot of our items will have a lasting and possibly life-changing effect on the recipient which can ease their day-to-day routine.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas from HearingDirect

    1. Amplified Phones: Amplified Phones are designed to help the hard of hearing effectively manage their hearing loss and ease communication. Our amplified phones have unique features which are aimed to help those with hearing loss, the deaf or those in need of an extra loud phone. The Geemarc Ampli550 Extra Loud Digital Phone is a great desk phone with a 95dB ringer and 50dB voice with speaking numbers and vocalized caller ID. The Clarity BT914 Trio Amplified Cordless Telephones With Answering Machine has all the features you could want in a set of cordless phones making them ideal for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room or wherever you wish!
    2. TV Listeners: Our range of Wireless TV Listeners is designed to help with that ever-present challenge of the TV being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another. Wireless TV listeners & assistive listening devices provide the user with their own unique and bespoke volume and tone settings whilst others may continue to watch at their preferred volume. They can be used all year round so they are a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. 
      Geemarc Opti Wireless tv listener
      Plug the Geemarc CL7350 Opti Wireless TV Listener into your TV and it will broadcast to the headset without any wires so you can listen in comfort. A different approach to the popular TV volume debate, the Amplicomms TV Soundbox Wireless TV Amplifying Speakers combined into one moveable cabinet brings the TV volume right next to you so the sound on the main TV speakers need not be so loud or even on at all.
    3. Alarm Clocks: Waking up can sometimes be tricky! We stock a collection of extra loud alarm clocks
      Circular black alarm clock with red display and vibrating pad
      that are ideal for the hard of hearing and the hard to wake alike! The Sonic Alert sbd375ss vibrating alarm clock boasts an alarm to wake even the deepest sleeper using loud sounds and a vibrating pad. Other powerful alarm clocks include the Sonic Alert SB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock pictured above.
    4. Hearing Aid Batteries: Hearing aid batteries are one of our specialities and we stock batteries from all the top and trusted brands, including Rayovac, Duracell, Power One and Siemens or choose from our own brand of cost-effective hearing aid batteries. Our hearing aid batteries are available in sizes 312, 10, 13 and 675, come in battery packs that include 6 to 8 cells and we stock multipacks of 60 batteries at reduced prices.
    5. Battery Tester & Caddy: We also have accessories to compliment hearing aid batteries in the form of a Battery Tester and Battery Caddy. The Digital Battery Tester boasts an LCD display and provides a clear visual indication of battery life. The Caddy, on the other hand, can carry up to 6 spare batteries in a key ring sized fob which removes the concern of running out of power when out and about.
    6. Wax Guards: Many of our hearing aid accessories are ideal stocking fillers for any level of hearing loss. Our accessories are here to assist daily life and we stock a vast supply of Wax Guards. We house wax guards from leading brands featuring the Oticon Pro Wax, Phonak Cerushield Wax Guards and Widex Cerustop Wax Guards.
    7. Hearing Aid Domes: Hearing Aid Domes are ideally sized to squeeze into your stocking this Christmas. Our selection of hearing aid domes come from global brands such as ReSound and Signia (Siemens), offering a range of sizes and quantities that’ll fit snug in stockings or under the tree.
    8. Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit: If hearing aids are maintained and cleaned properly then they'll last for a lot longer and some can be an expensive item to replace. We offer two different Hearing Aid Maintenance kits for different types of hearing aid.
    9. Dehumidifier: Hearing aids can gather moisture over the course of the day so the perfect place to put them overnight is in a dehumidifer to dry them out and protect them.
    10. Nuisance Call Blockers: At HearingDirect we know that nuisance calls are an absolute nightmare and there are more bogus calls out there than ever before. Our Call Blockers are the answer and will eradicate those unwanted phone calls. We have a wonderful range from CPR!

Bonus - Hearing Test If you are concerned about your own hearing, or the hearing of a family member or friend, then please do try our free online hearing test. It is quick and easy, takes only a few minutes and you get the results instantly. The hearing test is designed to encourage those to take action and prevent hearing loss and should not be regarded as clinical data. If you have any concerns, you should consult your GP.

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