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5 Reasons to Test your Hearing

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You can test your hearing with our free online hearing test. It is so simple, only takes a few minutes, and you will get your results instantly. The hearing test can help catch a possible onset of hearing loss and your results will indicate if you should take further action to help prevent the loss of hearing. Read on to see our top 5 reasons to why you should test your hearing.

5 Reasons to Test your Hearing

We've created a free online hearing test so you can check for hearing loss in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to book an appointment, just simply find some headphones and follow the on-screen instructions. The test takes a few minutes and we will email you your results instantly which will indicate if you should take action to prevent a further loss of hearing.

1. Anyone can have hearing loss.

You could have hearing loss and not even know it! Our hearing test can reveal if you have hearing loss and if you should take action to prevent further damage to your hearing. A loss of hearing can emerge at any point in your life and can be caused by a number of issues such as noise, trauma or age. Some of the symptoms that are important to be aware of include:
  • Muffled Hearing (see Muffled Hearing Causes and Solutions)
  • Trouble hearing in noisy environments or when people speak in a lower voice
  • A constant need to turn up the volume of the TV or radio
  • An inability to hear the ringing of the phone or doorbell
  • An inability to follow a conversation due to difficulties in understanding and distinguishing the specific words people are saying
  • Recurring or constant ringing in the ears
  • An irritation, swelling, itching or pain in the ears
  • An increased secretion or pus from the ears

Our quick-read Guide to hearing has all the information you need.

2. Improvements in Hearing Aid technology

If there is something wrong with your hearing, hearing aids have advanced so much that they too can improve your quality of life. Hearing aids are an effective way to manage hearing loss and we are one of the world's leading suppliers of hearing aids. We have a selection of different types of digital hearing aids, including behind the ear and in the canal devices, as well as smaller, discreet, almost invisible hearing aids to ease the concern of wearing a digital hearing aid.

3. Early treatment prevents complications

Early treatment of hearing loss can help prevent other medical conditions. For example, cardiovascular health and depression can be linked to hearing loss and identifying a hearing impairment sooner rather than later could prevent future medical conditions from existing. Hearing loss can become worse over time and as we age, our hearing naturally diminishes. We also provide a range of items specifically designed for seniors, such as the best amplified phones for seniors.

4. Our Hearing Test is free!

Hearing tests are often free and very straightforward, or at least our hearing check is! Our online hearing test is free, does not take up much of your time, and is ever so simple to complete. All you need is some headphones and a valid email address so we can ping your results over to you.

5. Improve your quality of life

Healthy hearing can improve your quality of life and boost your mood. Better hearing can also see you be more social and more outgoing, and enjoy better quality conversations.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects millions of people all over the world and it can occur at any point in a person's life which may lead to lasting effects. The main types of hearing loss are conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss, but it is also possible to suffer from mixed hearing loss, which is a combination of the two. The most important thing that people should remember is that no one is immune to hearing loss, regardless of their age and way of life, and it is always good to keep a watchful eye out for potential symptoms. Although it is possible to suddenly lose your hearing, for example, due to trauma (see our blog post on Sudden hearing loss explained), hearing loss usually progresses slowly with time and at first, it may be hard to recognize and acknowledge the problem until it escalates excessively.

Test your Hearing

Don't forget to test your hearing. Our free online hearing test can help check your hearing to see if you should take action on preventing potential forms of hearing loss.

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