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Widex Clear Hearing Aids Review

Widex is one of the leading Danish manufacturers, who have always strived to find optimum solutions for even the most complicated problems related to hearing loss, as well as constantly researching innovative ways to improve the condition. Some of the most popular Widex series of hearing aids include Dream, Menu, Baby and Clear

The Widex Clear series will be an invaluable discovery for all people who want their listening experience to be as natural as possible. This is achieved with the help of many useful features and most importantly the wireless technology that enables instant communication between the hearing aids. In this way, it manages to provide a clear sound in various listening environments.

Furthermore, the Clear series makes it easy for the user to locate where the different sounds come from and also differentiate between speech and background noise.

Courtesy of its wireless options, the Widex Clear series may also be used with a range of assistive listening devices that better the users’ listening experience while watching TV or talking on a mobile phone. Another successful feature is the improved microphone cover that helps reduce the negative effects of wind noise.

The clear family consists of 3 main ranges – Clear 220, Clear 330, Clear 440.

Widex Clear 220 is the entry level of the series that provides wireless connectivity at a competitive price. This makes it possible for the users to benefit from the WidexLink radio transmission that enables the connection with assistive listening devices, and most importantly from the InterEar communication between the two hearing aids. This allows a faster transfer of information and the possibility to successfully identify feedback noise and suppress it. Widex Clear 220 features 5 channels and is available in different models – BTE, ITE and the popular Fusion RIC, which is able to cover many levels of hearing loss, from minimal to profound.

Widex Clear 330 is ideal for people whose hearing loss or lifestyle requires a wider range of features and a greater number of channels (10). It greatly benefits from the TruSound compression system and the TruSound Softener element in particular. Its main aim is to deal with the negative effects caused by impulse sounds at all possible levels (from a clock ticking to fireworks). The TruSound Softener enables the system to quickly determine the level of amplification needed for the particular type of sound. The Phone + feature allows the rapid transfer of phone signals between the two hearing aids.

Widex Clear 440 is the top of the range product from the series that features all of the above mentioned technologies and options, as well as 15 channels. The FreeFocus feature allows users to listen to sounds coming from different directions without the necessity to turn their head. Another interesting option is the Zen tone programme that allows the user to listen to relaxing sounds and at the same time help manage tinnitus. This range is available in mini BTEs and RIC models, as well as custom-made in the ear models.

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