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Choosing Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are a necessity. They give life to your hearing aid so you can continue to enjoy the sounds you love to hear, and effectively manage your hearing loss. Follow our top guide to choosing the best hearing aid batteries for you.

Hearing aid batteries

Which hearing aid batteries should I choose?

With so many types of battery available in numerous sizes from plenty of brands, picking the right hearing aid battery can turn into a lengthy process. That's why we have created this super guide to help you choose the right hearing aid batteries for you and your hearing aid.

Hearing aid battery trial pack 
We know that choosing hearing aid batteries is very much a personal choice. Preferred brands, sizes, and types of battery will be influential factors. Thankfully, we offer hearing aid battery trial packs so you can find the batteries that work best for you and your device.

Choosing the right hearing aid batteries

Before you start buying hearing aid batteries, you need to know the size your aid requires. We stock the main and most popular battery sizes, including size 10, 13, 312, and size 675. If you do not know the size, battery colour will dictate their size. Hearing aid battery colour index:
  • Size 10 = Yellow
  • Size 13 = Orange
  • Size 312 = Brown
  • Size 675 = Blue
At, hearing aid batteries are one of our many specialties. We stock a wide and wonderful collection batteries in the main sizes from trusted brands, including Rayovac, Duracell, Power One and our own brand of Hearing Direct batteries, suitable for any hearing aid

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

This is one of the most popular hearing aid battery questions. However, the answer is not that straightforward. How long hearing aid batteries last will depend on a number of elements, such as:
  • Battery manufacturer
  • Your type of hearing aid
  • Hearing aid usage and amplification level

Some brands of batteries may last longer than others. The power they emit may be stronger than other brands which could see a shorter lifespan. The same can be said for your hearing aid.

Digital hearing models may require more power depending on how advanced they are and the features they come with. A more powerful device would require more power which can reduce battery life. As a result, this could lead you to spend more money in the long term on batteries. Naturally, the more you use your hearing aids, the quicker the batteries will deplete. Hearing aids belong to a group of high demanding devices. These devices require optimal power consistently, and it is only when the device is turned off that power is not used.

Alternatively, you may wish to try rechargeable hearing aid batteries. They can be used multiple times and the total number of recharging cycles will depend on the battery brand and technology.

How much do hearing aid batteries cost?

To get the best out of your hearing aid, the power really needs to come from the best-powered batteries. Hearing aid batteries vary in price, and over a period of time, the cost of hearing aid batteries can easily change.

The brand of battery and model of your device can heavily impact the cost of batteries. Whilst buying batteries in the standard units if relatively cheap, the money you spend on batteries during your lifetime will vary.

Our hearing aid batteries are competitively priced and we try to offer the best value for money. Our battery packs include 6 to 8 cells and we stock hearing aid battery multipacks of 60 batteries at a reduced price to help you save money on batteries.

Or, choose from our own brand of cost-effective hearing aid batteries that bring you fantastic value for money as well as a long shelf-life.

To reduce battery cost, you can always:

Not only will following the above help to minimize the money you spend on batteries, but it can also help your preserve battery life so they last longer when you need them most.

Which batteries are best?

Which hearing aid batteries are best is another frequently asked question. Much like how long do hearing aid batteries last, there is no core answer. Hearing aid batteries are very much down to preference, your hearing aid model, and usage.

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are our recommended "best battery buy". They are one of the most popular brands that we dispense, and Rayovac has a strong reputation for reliability, working superbly in all types of hearing aids. Rayovac batteries consist of an advanced power of up to 17% greater than normal batteries, and long shelf-life of up to 4 years.

Alternatively, Hearing Direct hearing aid batteries provide a cost-effective solution so you can get the best from your hearing aid no matter what make or model you use.

Hearing aid battery tips

To offer some added help, we have put together a few tips to help you make sure you purchase the right batteries for you and to make them last so you don't have to keep topping up!
  1. Make sure you know the size of battery your hearing aids need
  2. If you have a preferred brand or battery that works well, stick with it, if not find a battery you like
  3. Make sure you turn off your hearing aid when not in use to save power
  4. Store your batteries appropriately so they're good when you come to use them
  5. When it comes to buying a new hearing aid, consider battery consumption as this can save money in the long term

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the UK’s leading hearing aid specialists, stocking an expansive range of hearing aids, phones, and accessories. Your hearing health is important to us and we produce the best advice and offer the most prominent products available to satisfy your listening needs. We have even built a free online hearing test so you can check your hearing to see if you should take action on preventing potential forms of hearing loss. If you have any question on any of our hearing aid batteries, do get in touch and our expert team will do their best to assist you.
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