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Hearing Amplifiers vs. Hearing Aids

Hearing amplifiers are a popular way to help improve our ability to hear sounds, but what makes them different from hearing aids? Learn about the differences, benefits, and how to manage suspected hearing loss effectively.

What's The Difference Between Hearing Amplifiers & Hearing Aids?

Hearing amplifiers and Hearing Aids are designed for completely different purposes. How do you know which you need? Both hearing amplifiers and hearing aids can improve our ability to hear. The only major difference between them is that digital hearing aids are designed for people with hearing impairments, whereas hearing amplifiers are not.

For example, those with sensorineural hearing loss would turn to hearing aids to improve and effectively manage said hearing loss. On the other hand, hearing amplifiers are intended for those who are not hard of hearing. A hearing amplifier can be used to boost the sound levels around you, but you also should check your hearing regularly as leaving a hearing loss untreated can lead to problems.

Our quick and simple online hearing test can give you an overview of your hearing. If you have any concern regarding your hearing, it is highly advisable that you get it checked and tested.

Signs Of Hearing Loss

Personal sound amplifiers can be a great option for those with 'normal' hearing. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if we adhere to what is defined as normal. When you do not experience any form of hearing loss, there is nothing stopping you from investing in hearing amplifiers if you'd like to enjoy amplified, enhanced levels of sound. However, if you experience any of these signs of hearing loss, then hearing amplifiers might be redundant.
  • A sensation of muffled hearing
  • Difficulty understanding conversations
  • Need to increase volume on TV, radio, or with music
  • Trouble hearing in noisy or busy environments
  • Spend more time attempting to lip read
  • Choosing to avoid social events

If you experience any of the above, you could have some level of hearing loss. If so, it is time to have your hearing checked.

Test Your Hearing Online For Free

If you feel you may require more than hearing amplifiers to appreciate and properly enjoy the sounds you love, we recommend you take our online hearing test.

Results will indicate if you need to take further action to protect your hearing. The check cannot be regarded as clinical data so we recommend you consult with a medical professional or audiologist. They will be able to help diagnose the root cause, type and suggest appropriate methods to manage any potential hearing impairment.

Properly Manage Hearing Loss With Hearing Aids

At Hearing Direct, we specialize in affordable hearing aids. The cost of privately purchased devices can often cause people to try hearing amplifiers due to their low price-tag. If you have hearing loss, you need an aid, not an amplifier. 
HD 250 digital hearing aid The HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD 250 digital hearing aid is one of our most popular devices. It is an allrounder and comes fully loaded with all the features you need to effectively manage hearing loss. This in-the-ear model is so small and lightweight, you'll even forget you are wearing it! Discretion is often crucial when buying a hearing aid and despite the HD 250's size, a vast level of technology is still available.

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Additionally, if you are looking to prevent the onset of hearing loss, ear plugs can help reduce sounds entering the ear in noisy environments.

How Else Can I Amplify The Sounds Around Me?

Other than hearing amplifiers, there is a whole world of amplified items out there to enhance the way we listen.

Assistive Listening Devices - Assistive listening devices (ALDs), like hearing amplifiers, deliver amplified sounds. They come in the form of wireless listeners, TV headphones, and neckloops. Their primary function is to help the hard of hearing better hear, understand, and enjoy their favorite television shows, music, as well as add clarity to speech.

Amplified Telephones - Phones for hard of hearing offer higher volumes than generic home, wall-mounted, and DECT phones. They provide a far loud ringer and voice volume to assist how the hearing impaired communicate. As a core day-to-day activity, amplified phones are imperative for ensuring people do not miss out on the joys of conversations. You might also wish to explore: Phones for seniors

Extra Loud Alarm Clocks - Loud alarm clocks have been designed for the hard of hearing and the hard of wake alike. Boasting superior alarms over standard alarm clocks, this and the combination of vibrating pads and flashing lights is the wake-up call you really need. Our 30-day money back guarantees means you can try out the items we supply, knowing that if dissatisfied, you will receive a full refund.

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. HearingDirect offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell:

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Author: Gary Hill

Gary our Hearing Aid Expert

Gary comes from 16 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry in both manufacturing and retail. Before co-founding HearingDirect, Gary was Marketing Director for a leading global hearing aid brand; GN ReSound where he worked for the UK sales division and latterly in their global headquarters in Copenhagen. He was responsible for developing and launching major global hearing aid models, conducting extensive research into the needs of the hearing impaired community and their performance demands of hearing aids and other devices.

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